Windows should let light and air into the apartment, but also provide for sun protection and darkening. Depending on your taste, you can make windows in many variations. Burglar-proof, frameless or with seals? what do you prefer? Floor depth window? Why not! They bring more light into the house. They combine comfort and design and are therefore more and more preferred in window design. Before deciding on floor-to-ceiling windows, there are a few important things to consider. You will find interesting facts at a glance here!

Rely on high-quality floor-to-ceiling windows!

“Floor-deep windows”: what is meant by that?

A special variant of the generous windows are the floor-to-ceiling windows. They reach down to the floor and that is why they are so called. Through their large glass surfaces they offer great views. Often they could be used as a garden or balcony door. Floor-depth windows are often used on the ground floor so that they bring more light into the dark room. They are often also integrated in the sleeping area on the first floor. A suitable solution for the bungalow, for example, as it fits perfectly into its living style.

Fully glazed walls are trendy!

What are the advantages of the floor to ceiling windows?

They bring more light, so that living rooms are brighter.

Especially in winter, the resulting greenhouse effect contributes to the fact that the rooms heat up pleasantly without a full heating line! This also saves costs. Does not that sound very nice?

For renovation work, you can install floor to ceiling windows even later! This means that you can install them not only in new buildings, but also in old buildings. This works, but only if the statics of the building allows it. In this case, a subsequent fall protection is a must.

If you opt for floor-to-ceiling windows, you also choose the highest quality of living. Thanks to these windows, rooms look more spacious and homelike!

The floor-to-ceiling windows offer boundless views. They offer a wide open view of the surroundings.

Floor-deep windows ensure your best living comfort!

Design and quality!

What should you pay attention to?

When buying floor to ceiling windows, you should pay attention to an optimal U-value. According to the current Energy Saving Ordinance, it should be lower than 1.3.

When installing floor-to-ceiling windows on higher floors, building regulations must be adhered to, as security risks could arise.

The greenhouse effect in summer is often seen as a disadvantage as energy consumption increases.

Life behind floor-to-ceiling windows!

Floor-deep windows turn into a real eye-catcher!

What are the costs for floor-to-ceiling windows?

When buying this type of windows, you should expect at least about 500 euros. Prices depend on a few factors such as the dimensions of the window, the material, the U-value, the glazing and the complexity of the installation.

Prices depend on a few factors!

Sun protection devices at the floor to ceiling windows!

When it comes to window design, the question often comes up: which is the best sun protection solution? Since large windows also need the optimal sun protection. There are so many options. But what is the perfect sun protection for your apartment, so you avoid the annoying solar radiation in the apartment? Curtains, blinds, blinds or even curtains? That’s your own decision. We offer you an innovative and effective alternative for the sun protection of large windows. Transparent sun protection foils with nanotechnology are particularly suitable for generous rooms in summer. This is how the big windows are set in scene! Convince yourself!

Disguise the floor-to-ceiling windows with perfect sun protection!

White curtains for a stylish ambience!

Sun protection films are perfect!

Do not underestimate the window decoration in the floor to ceiling windows. so that they turn into a real eye-catcher. In the window design, the decoration should harmonize properly with your style of living. Do not forget that! Depending on your wishes, you could of course design the floor-to-ceiling windows without curtains. But pay attention to the matching fabric of the curtains, so that you can easily open the windows or the French doors!

An excellent combination of energy cost savings and daylight yield!

Floor-to-ceiling windows appear in many variations and bring more light!

Are you looking for offers for new floor-to-ceiling windows? Then have a look at our other suggestions in the gallery! Let yourself be inspired!

Floor-to-ceiling windows give your home an extravagant and stylish look!

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