The chemical industry is known worldwide as a core industry for progress and economic growth. A definition of chemical engineering is that it deals with the application of chemistry in practice and is an extremely extensive field of knowledge. This highly professional and demanding work is done, which is only possible with the right chemical engineering accessories. As a constantly growing industry, the chemical industry is one of the largest employers in Germany. German companies occupy leading international positions in almost all areas of this industry and convince with their quality.

Chemical technology accessories – where does it find a use?

Chemical engineering represents the unification of classical engineering and natural sciences. In this regard, chemical technicians use scientific knowledge to develop chemical products, processes or processes from them. Chemical engineering transfers substances and their conversions from the test tube to the technique. For example, when a physician discovers an active ingredient and develops a new drug, the chemical technique is used. The chemical industry produces the drug in the specified quantity and the claimed quality. In addition to producing substances, chemical technicians work on production processes. They are looking for optimization potential and improve the processes. The industry also participates in the development of new marketable products. By selecting the parameters used, the chemical technology achieves new product characteristics.

Chemical engineering accessories – prerequisite for the development of science

Preferably, the chemical engineering uses energy and mass flow rates. It applies mass laws and the principles of energy conservation. Based on the insights gained, plants, individual components and products are created or improved. The highest safety requirements apply to the final product. The chemical technicians then pay attention to the load capacity of the materials used and check their resistance to external effects. The described processes take place in a laboratory because they demand very high precision and reliability. There, analytical and preparative work is performed under the operation, monitoring and maintenance of chemical-technical equipment and laboratory equipment.

Highly qualified work requires high precision

Such a scope of work also claims the corresponding chemical engineering accessories. Crucial here are a wide assortment of products, short delivery times and highest reliability. Reichelt Chemietechnik GmbH & Co can definitely offer this to their customers with their more than 30 years of experience in this field. The product range of includes more than 80,000 products. Highly qualified employees provide the highest level of service. Customer requests are received and new market ideas are transmitted to the company’s development team. This is how new products are developed and existing products developed further. A large warehouse with about two-thirds of goods selection ensures fast delivery and satisfied customers.

Laboratory work – clean and reliable

High quality materials for high quality products

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