Checkers are currently experiencing a huge comeback and are among the most important fashion trends for this winter! Since autumn 2016, they have repeatedly come back to the fashion collections of the most famous designers and are often worn by the stars. In this post you will find everything about checked patterns: how to wear checkered garments best, what is the difference between houndstooth, Glencheck and Burberry check, what fashion mistakes you could make, etc. We hope that our styling tips will help you are, and wish you a lot of reading fun!

Checked patterns celebrate a real comeback!

Because of their simple elegance, plaid patterns enjoy great popularity and are used by designers time and again. In the autumn / winter season 2017/18 they are up to date again – certainly good news for all those who have a checkered favorite piece of clothing in the closet! And as I’ve already said, the trend pattern is particularly diverse and can be integrated into every look of your look – as a blazer or skirt, it is simply ideal for the office, while the loose checkered pants and shirts are well suited for everyday wear. And at a party, the elegant evening dress with checked pattern will make everyone look at you! Of course you could wear checks in a huge variety of combinations, but it is important not to overdo them – a plaid scarf, for example, simply does not match a Burberry dress. Combining plaid and stripe patterns would also be a fashion mistake; the same applies to all impressive motifs that would divert attention from the checkered garment. To put an accent on it, it is best to wear it with plain colored clothing – this is also recommended so your outfit does not get too colorful, because check pattern is usually a combination of two and even three or four different colors. The photos in this article are an excellent example of how Karo manages to combine and wear. Be inspired and read on to find out the subtle differences between each check pattern!

Trendy checked pattern – classic Vichy check

The Vichy check is a simple stripe pattern, most commonly found in black and white or in red and white. The color stripes intersect with each other in such a way that dots of stronger color are formed on the fabric. Because of its simple elegance, Vichy Karo is not only popular in fashion, but also in the field of interior design. In English it is also called gingham check.

Black and white check pattern: Pepita check

This pattern consists of small checks (no bigger than one centimeter) with a diagonal connection in between. It is often confused with the houndstooth check, but in between there are differences.

Checked pattern black and white: houndstooth check

In the Houndstooth check the connections between the individual check boxes are not diagonal, but run at right angles. The vertical and horizontal extensions of the corners make this pattern particularly elegant and well suited for official occasions. The houndstooth Koro was also the favorite pattern of French fashion icon Coco Chanel!

Glen check check

The name of this pattern comes from the English words “glen” – mountain valley, and “check” – which means Karo. Glencheck is hot in 2017/18, so you should have at least one piece of clothing with this pattern in your closet. It is a fine pattern, which is generated by special weave, in which the individual check boxes are relatively different from each other. Glencheck looks particularly discreet and stylish, and in fashion, patterns like men’s suits, jackets, coats and shirts are popular patterns.

Burberry pattern

Burberry pattern is considered a variation of the Glencheck check, which is getting more and more popular lately. It can be recognized by the fact that a contrast-colored over-check runs over the fine basic pattern.

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