For those who want to enjoy the last rays of sun, we have the perfect proposal – to organize a barbecue. Autumn brings not only rain, fog and cold, but also beautiful, sunny hours. The barbecue season should not be over yet! The temperatures are actually dropping and dusk is breaking in earlier, but with good preparation you will not feel cold. If you are looking for tips and ideas for organizing your party, you’ve come to the right place. We are happy to create a checklist with the most important points for you for a fantastic barbecue that will be remembered for a long time.

The focus of the party is of course the grill . And here comes the big question: charcoal, electric or gas barbecue? Some of the biggest advantages of electric and gas grills are that they are ready to use, quick to cool and easy to clean. There is no smoke when grilling, which saves you trouble with your neighbors. But our big favorite remains the charcoal grill . Barbecuing with charcoal creates a cozy atmosphere. Give yourself and your friends hours, full of joy and romance and pamper your stomach and the mind! Only the crackling fire, the unique taste and the inimitable smoke aroma can create that special feeling.

Charcoal grill for a unique taste

Let’s move on to the next point. When the grill is ready for use, it is time to hang up the food . Meat and sausages in different variations are undisputedly the most popular grilled food of the Germans. And what tastes better with steaks and sausages than the classic potato, noodle and lettuce. If you want to bring some variety to the rust, you can try some fall recipes. Grilled pumpkin wedges or chestnuts are perfect for your autumn barbecue and just taste fantastic. With these delicious dishes, you are guaranteed to surprise and impress your guests.

You can also choose the decoration for your barbecue party according to the season. Be inspired by the fall and create a homely atmosphere that invites you to linger and feel good. If you have the time and desire, you can make your party decoration yourself. It is no coincidence that autumn is the favorite season of many amateur hobbyists. From colorful autumn leaves, chestnuts and acorns, real works of art can be created. Turn pumpkins into colorful vases, make cones made of cones and leaves, fill gleaming chestnuts with glasses – turning your garden into an autumnal paradise.

Achieve the highest comfort for yourself and your guests. A heat fungus creates a pleasant ambient climate and ensures your beautiful stay in the garden. A few cozy blankets can also be used.

Finally, one last tip: Let go of all worries and just have fun !

Tinker party decoration yourself – garland of autumn leaves

Grilled vegetables – delicious and healthy

Atmosphere that invites you to feel good

Indulge your senses!

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