Why buy the sugar-pumped granola bars in the supermarket if you can make healthy bars yourself at home? If you are among those who want to live healthily, then you would certainly welcome our proposal. Here are some healthy recipes for your balanced diet that you can easily prepare. Real sweet tooth cats could also benefit from it, as cereal bars are the perfect treat for in between. Tasty and healthy at the same time: these are the muesli bars. No wonder they are so popular with children and adults, as well as athletes. A wide range of options is available: fruity, chocolaty, gluten-free, etc. These delicious snacks are available to every taste. Take a look at our delicious suggestions and decide which cereal bar recipe to try at home.

Muesli bar recipe to every taste!

Mint muesli bars!

Super light, classic cereal bar recipe!

For the preparation you need the following ingredients and materials:

200 grams of flour;

200 grams of butter;

200 grams of coconut flakes;

200 grams of sugar;

400 grams of oatmeal;

1 tbsp syrup;

2 orange abrasions;

2 teaspoons of baking soda;

Baking pan;

Baking paper;


First, preheat the oven to 150 degrees! Then melt the butter! Then mix all the ingredients and put them in the butter!

Lay out a baking pan with parchment paper! Add the mass and smooth it out!

Push the baking pan with the mass into the oven! Bake now until they turn golden brown! Normally, the baking time takes about 10 minutes.

Finally allow to cool and cut into bars!

How can you make classic granola bars yourself?

Fruits Muesli Bar Recipe: Bar with Cranberry Almond Honey!

In the list of ingredients you will find everything you need:

50 grams of dried cranberry;

80 grams of almonds;

100 grams of honey;

100 grams of sugar;

1 teaspoon lemon juice;

50 grams of margarine;

30 grams of currants;

30 grams of sunflower seeds;

100 grams of oatmeal;

50 grams of oat flakes;

How can you prepare fruity muesli bars yourself?


First mix together berries, sun kernels, almonds, oatmeal and oat flakes! Use a bowl for this. Then add butter, sugar, honey and lemon juice to a tall saucepan. Bring to the boil while stirring. Start massaging caramelize, do not cook anymore! That means: cook for 3-5 minutes!

Then stir in the premixed ingredients! If the whole mixture is darkened, do not stir anymore!

Cover baking tray with oiled baking paper!

Then spread the warm mass on the baking tray! Roll it out to a plate of 30 x 30 cm! Wait 15 minutes! Cut the mass into bars and allow to cool!

Finished are the healthy power bars!

Prepare fruity granola bars yourself!

Step 1

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And now a great idea for you, dear chocolate lovers: Chocolate cereal bar recipe ! The bars taste particularly delicious with dark chocolate, as they give the bars a bitter note.

So, for 12 bars you need the following ingredients:

50 grams of chocolate to your taste;

20 grams of condensed milk;

60 grams of flour;

1 egg;

1 teaspoon Baking powder;

20 grams of soft butter;

220 grams of cereal;

3 tablespoons of maple syrup;

Preparation steps:

Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees celcius!

First mix muesli with condensed milk!

Then add butter, honey, flour, egg and baking powder to the muesli!

Then chop chocolate into small pieces! Mix with honey and the remaining ingredients!

Lay out a tin with baking paper! The mass on it!

Put the mixture in the oven and bake for about 30 minutes!

Then remove from the oven and finally cut into bars!

We offer you to enjoy the granola bars warm!

Homemade chocolate granola bars taste very good!

With the following cereal bar recipe you get a real energy bomb !

For the preparation you need the following ingredients:

2 tbsp almonds (ground);

180 grams of tender oatmeal;

1 teaspoon sesame;

5 tablespoons honey;

7 coconut oil;

1 pinch of salt;

75 grams: chocolate, dried fruits, seeds, nuts;

1 pinch of vanilla;

1 pinch of cinnamon;

You also need:

Small top;

Baking paper;

Flat baking dish;

Big bowl;

That is how it goes:

First mix almonds, salt, oatmeal and sesame in a bowl very well!

Then prepare additional ingredients! For this, chop nuts, chocolate and dried fruits as small as possible so that the cereal bars do not fall apart. Then give them to the oatmeal mixture!

Then heat the oil in the small pot together with the honey and add it to the oatmeal mixture! Then mix everything well!

Now lay out the shape with baking paper and add the mass! Press well! Then put in the fridge, so that the mass gets stuck!

Finally set Müslimasse solid from the mold and cut into bars!

The homemade cereal bars are ready!

Make Energiebombe yourself: that’s how it works!

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Step 5

We hope you enjoy the preparation! Go for home-baked granola bars!

Muesli bar itself is a real breeze!

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