Carving vegetables has become a very modern art field in recent years. This art is developing very fast and is becoming more and more the popular hobby of many people. Vegetable Sculptures are a great deco element for cold plates or as a decoration for cold counters in larger restaurants, especially as counter decoration at events. Actually, carving is not that hard. We show you interesting ideas for it. Let yourself be inspired and try it at home.

Vegetables and fruits carving for kitchen artists

The most important thing about carving is sharp knives and a bowl of ice-cold water. When the knives are dipped into the water in between, shells and small pieces do not stick to it. For carving is best vegetables and fruits with hard pulp.

Radish bouquet in a few steps

Making a bouquet of

They organize a party at home or are invited to dinner, where everyone has to bring something. This is a fancy idea for a fruit salad that provokes great enthusiasm.

Vegetable carving for beginners

If you feel like trying it at home, look at the vegetable compartment of your fridge. If you have found some carrots or, fortunately, half a cabbage, you can start carving. You do not even need to have the special tool for carving. A can lid or a small paring knife.

Carving vegetables – Attractive lotus flowers from onions

For the great onion flowers you need a bowl of ice-cold water again, so they open nicely after cutting.

Ornate pumpkin – a real work of art

Pumpkin is a vegetable that is very popular for carving, because pumpkin has a firm pulp and is easy to work with. In addition, this is a very healthy and tasty autumn vegetables, it can be prepared sweet or salty and offers countless opportunities for experimentation. Whether delicious warm

Here the color of the fruit skin plays a crucial role for the great contrast. The uniform red color and the gloss of the apple lead to a very noble effect.

Paprika decoration to enjoy

Here are some simple ideas for decorating peppers, which may be suitable for cold plates and even table decorations.

For a special feast – a vegetable bouquet

This is your most important tool – the peeler. The vegetables are carrots and a narrow radish. The other decoration is free to choose. It can be flowers or other vegetables such as chives, asparagus and the like.

Tomato decoration made easy

Fruit salad for every guest

Roma tomatoes, cream cheese and green onions – a delicious bouquet of tulips

The right instrumentation makes it possible

The eye-catcher on the children’s party

If you organize a children’s party at home, you can let the kids be amazed with this great idea. With a few toothpicks on the side used as skewers, this spectacular fruit salad becomes the bestseller at the party.

A casserole like a rose garden

Cheese plate – delicious and funny

Deco of oranges

Fantastic radicchio flowers

Decoration ideas – “Eye eats with”

Nice sunflowers to bite and in a good mood

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