Carnival is coming in a few months and you should also think of a fitting carnival costume, right? In this post we have a wonderful suggestion for you, and namely – Star Wars costume! The big fans of the Star Wars saga immediately like the idea of ​​dressing up as their favorite hero, and we suggest you choose such costumes for the whole family – so they’ll make a really great impression! Below we present different ideas for A Star Wars costume for carnival looks great!
Star Wars Kostüm Gruppe toller Look
Star Wars Kostüm Familie originelle Ideen
Star Wars Kostüm Chewbacca Frau
Star Wars Kostüm weiss Padme Amidala
Star Wars Kostüm Leia und Yoda
The Star Wars costume is the perfect choice for carnival, but is also suitable for Halloween, if you do not want to dress up scary (but you can actually give each costume with a few drops of fake blood and the matching zombie make-up a scary touch). And disguising yourself as a character from a distant galaxy can be awesome – take a look at our photos to see for yourself! Each family member can choose his favorite hero, and to look for a suitable costume, or to make such himself. The result will be a cool group look that will definitely impress the rest of the carnival crowd!

Carnival Star Wars costume: suggestions for the whole family

Star Wars Kostüm Familie Darth Vader Prinzessin Leia
Star Wars Kostüm Familie Leia Han Solo Luke Skywalker
Star Wars Kostüm Famile Darth Vader Chewbacca
Star Wars Kostüm Familie
The most popular carnival costumes for couples include Princess Leia and Han Solo, who, as you undoubtedly know, are in love with each other. These costumes are very easy to make yourself – you can even use clothes from your own wardrobe! If, for example, the parents in the family decide for this idea, the children could choose carnival costumes from droids and other favorite figures like Yoda, Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader. Of course, there are also newer heroes from the third Star Wars trilogy, which you will certainly like and whatever you choose – such as Rey and Finn from “The Awakening of Power.” So your Star Wars costume would even look more innovative! If you make the costume yourself and do not want to finish, you should pay attention to the details, characteristic of each of the heroes: for example, the hairstyle and the white dress of Princess Leia, the lightsaber of Luke Skywalker or the typical black mask of Darth Vader are important features without which the figures can not be recognized.

Star Wars Costume – Ideas for Couples

Star Wars Kostüm Partner Rey und Finn
Star Wars Kostüm familie Finn und Rey
Star Wars Kostüm Familie Finn Rey Baby
As already mentioned, Rey and Finn as a partner costume is a great idea for carnival! To dress up as a Finn, all you need is a toy gun, dark clothes, and the typical brown leather jacket. And for the Rey costume, the ladies should put on a beige layered outfit, and make the characteristic hairstyle with three butts. Important accessories are also the brown Stifel, belt, and the rod. These are just the perfect last-minute carnival costumes if you do not have the time, and they look really mesmerizing!

Carnival Star Wars costume for the ladies

Star Wars Kostüm Damen Padme Amidala
Star Wars Kostüm Frau Prizessin Leia
Star Wars Kostüm Prinzessin Leia
Star Wars Kostüm Rey Frau
Star Wars Kostüm Stormtrooper Frau
Star Wars Kostüm Frau Padme Amidala
Besides Rey and Prizessin Leia (great examples of the Leia costume can be found in the photos above), an original idea for women is also a costume by Natalie Portman heroine Padme Amidala. But maybe you can come up with more creative ideas – just let your imagination run wild and the result will be outstanding!

Great Star Wars costumes for kids

Star Wars Kostüm Stormtrooper Kind
Star Wars Kostüm Yoda Kleinkind
Star Wars Kostüm Rey Kleinkind
Star Wars Kostüm Kleinkind Luke Skywalker
Star Wars Kostüm Jedi Ritter Kleinkind
Star Wars Kostüm Kind Kapitän Rex
Star Wars Kostüm Kind Jedi Lichtschwert
Star Wars Kostüm Lichtschwerte selber machen
Star Wars Kostüm Darth Vader
Star Wars Kostüm Kleinkind BB 8
Star Wars Kostüm Baby R2 D2
Star Wars Kostüm Kleinkind Chewbacca
Star Wars Kostüm originell Jawa
Actually, all Star Wars costumes for adults are also well suited for the kids. For a Luke Skywalker costume, for example, you only need white trousers, a karate jacket, fabric belt and, of course, the typical lightsaber, which you can also make yourself from pool noodles and gaffa tape. Other great suggestions for kids are a Chewbacca or Stormtrooper costume.

Carnival costumes for men, inspired by the Star Wars saga

Star Wars Kostüm Mann Anakin
Star Wars Kostüm Mann Jedi
For carnival men can disguise themselves as Jedi knights. Other popular figures are of course the emblematic heroes Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. We wish you a happy carnival!

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