Make impressive flamingo costume for carnival itself
Flamingo Kostüm für Damen rosa Feder
Flamingo Kostüm DIY notwendige Materialien
Flamingo Kostüm Reifrock schneiden DIY
Flamingo Kostüm selber machen Reifrock
Flamingo Kostüm DIY Federn befestigen Heißkleber
Flamingo Kostüm basteln Kopfschmuck mit Federn
Flamingo Kostüm Karneval Damen DIY
Flamingo Kostüm selber machen Frau
Flamingo Kostüm tolle Idee für Damen
Doing a flamingo costume yourself is not as difficult as it may seem to you – the ladies certainly have almost all of the necessary materials in their closet. And it is not necessary at all to be able to sew – it is super fast and easy with the hot glue gun! The carnival costume Flamingo is ideal also for groups and you could suggest to your family or friends to pick the same motive. Our first idea is for a great skirt flamingo costume with pink feathers and tights. You need:
– big feathers (for the head accessory) and featherboas in pink (from the craft shop)
– Pantyhose in pink
– pink gymnastics jersey (with or without sleeves)
– pink spray paint
– Fascinator hat
– hoop skirt
– hot glue gun
– Wire cutter
– Cloth scissors
Flamingo Kostüm Freundinnen Fasching
Flamingo Kostüm Gruppe Freunden
Flamingo Kostüm selbst gemacht Frau Schnabel Filz
Flamingo Kostüm rosa Federboa Frau
Flamingo Kostüm für Damen sexy
Flamingo Kostüm witzige Idee für Männer
Flamingo Kostüm Mann lustig
Flamingo Kostüm Freundinnen Fasching
Flamingo Kostüm Maske mit Schnabel
First, you should spray the Fascinator hat with the pink spray paint. Keep a distance of at least 15 cm and let the hat dry out before you attach the large feathers vertically using the hot glue gun. Then cut off the lower layers of the hoop skirt, making it short at the front and long at the back (similar to a Vokuhila skirt). For the metal rings, use a wire cutter and when you’re done, sprinkle the outside and inside with the spray paint. Now is the time to put together the Flamingo costume. Put on the jersey, the tights and the hoop skirt and attach the feather boas to the skirt with the hot glue gun. Finally, you should attach the head accessory to your hair and make-up appropriate (or you can also opt for a face mask). Finished!

Flamingo costume for children

Flamingo Kostüm in Zartrosa Mädchen
Flamingo Kostüm für Kinder Mädchen
Flamingo Kostüm Plüsch Kind
Flamingo Kostüm selber basteln Kind
Flamingo Kostüm mit Maske Kind Fasching
Flamingo Kostüm Kind tolle Idee Fasching
Flamingo Kostüm DIY Flamingokopf basteln
Flamingo Kostüm selber machen Schablone
Flamingo Kostüm herrlicher Look Kind
Flamingo Kostüm Kind witzig
You can do a carnival costume Flamingo for children in a similar way. For the purpose one needs the following:
– Pink fleece fabric by the meter (25cm wide) – in pink, light pink and orange
– felt in black (23 x 30cm)
– felt in orange (23 x 30cm)
– 1 feather boa in pink
– pink tights
– Top in peach color
– Rock / Shorts
– hot glue gun
– Scissors
– children’s hair tires
Below the photos above you will find a template that you should print and cut out. Transfer the shape of this template to the black and orange felt (the two beak shapes should be glued on the marked areas of the head). Next, head over by rolling the end of the feather boa a couple of times like a circle. Then glue an eye in the middle and fix the flamingo head with hairband. For the big fleece feathers on the skirt, use a template again or draw it yourself – depending on your choice. Cut out so many feathers from the different colors that they can completely cover the skirt. Make a belt of pink fleece fabric – depending on the waist circumference of the child, and stick the feathers on it. Now your child should wear the skirt, top and tights. Tie the “feather skirt” around the waist, fasten the flamingo head with the hair clips and tie the free end of the feather boa back to the waist. And done! Below are some fascinating ideas for flamingo make-up.
Flamingo Kostüm Kinder Schminkanleitung
Flamingo Kostüm Kind Gesicht bemalen
Flamingo Kostüm Fasching Schminken Damen
Flamingo Kostüm Faschng Schminktipps

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