Camping is becoming increasingly popular, and not without reason – an immediate experience of nature, unlimited freedom, a kind of holiday that makes you feel livelier! Rest and timelessness or adventure, the camping holiday means something different for everyone, but always a smile flits across your face! In order for the camping experience to make you smile all the time and for you to spend an unforgettable pleasant holiday, you need the right camping equipment. Whether you are camping under a romantic tent in the mountains or a caravan with friends on the beach, we are your guide to the right equipment for a perfect camping experience!

Camping, but how? Camping holidays are fun!

In the hotel you are guests, while camping you are at home! You decide for yourself how to design your “home” for the holidays – in the open air, under the sea or in a comfortable caravan. To make the outdoor experience really fun, the campsite is of great importance in the first place. The best campground is where you can look at the great outdoors and enjoy untouched landscapes. Wild camping is prohibited in Germany by the way, so we advise you to get informed about the campsites well. The range extends from beautiful meadows for adventure to luxurious areas with service. Depending on the campsite, various leisure activities can be used, of course, the appropriate equipment is needed. In any case, the right camping equipment ensures a perfect holiday! The preparation for camping starts with the tent selection, but ends with the planning of many small items that provide the best comfort. For a successful camping holiday, not only the carrying of the appropriate equipment, but also the quality of the camping accessories play a role. An extensive range of high-quality accessories, as well as a very good price-performance ratio can be found on . It is very helpful to create a detailed camping accessories checklist that will help you prepare for camping holidays. A checklist will help you to remember the important equipment, because the little things are the ones that provide a high level of recreational value. We have created a basic checklist for you that is extensive enough to meet the needs of different types of campers.

Which tent is the right one? The tent as the most important item on camping accessories checklist.

For a successful camping holiday in the open air is the right tent probably the most important camping accessories. Basically, a tent that is suitable for bad weather is recommended. That’s the only thing you can not plan, but still be prepared. And it’s not as bad as you might think. But camping in the rain can be fun! In such cases, it is worth taking a large tent. Family tents with separate sleeping cabins and awning are perfect for camping holidays with family or with more than three friends. The big tents are the right choice even when it comes to longer stays. In very warm regions, a freestanding inner tent, as well as adequate ventilation options must be observed. But camping does not always mean sleeping in a tent. There is also the possibility to spend the night in a motorhome or caravan. In that case, of course, the sleeping conditions are easier. But the right camping equipment does not have to be missing.

Camping Accessories – Checklist

Everything you need for the perfect camping holiday:

  • Tent and tent bag
  • Tensioning cables and tensioning rubber
  • Zeltunterlage
  • Sleeping bag and air mattress
  • Pillow and blanket
  • Flashlight and camping lamp
  • Pickickdecke
  • Camping cutlery, camping plate, camping cup
  • Gas stool, barbecue, charcoal
  • cooling box
  • lighter
  • Dishwasher, dishwashing liquid and sponge
  • candles
  • charger

After completing the camping accessories checklist you are ready for an unforgettable camping holiday! Experience it yourself! Only once you have felt the power of nature, you will feel this power within yourself!

We wish you an unforgettable camping holiday!

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