Calorie consumption while jogging occupies the top spot in comparison with the various sports. Who drives jogging, benefits twice, because on the one hand in any sport more calories are consumed, muscle mass builds up and on the other hand, the calorie consumption is boosted. Hayfirst reason for exercising is losing weight. The calories consumed during 30 minutes of jogging, at a 75 kg. heavy joggers with tempo of 6.20 min per km are 385 cal. This equates to three quarters taffel chocolate. Who wants to eat more, would have to do more sports.

Calorie consumption during jogging – long-term calorie burning

The more you weigh and the faster you run, the more calories you will consume and lose more weight. No other sport consumes more calories than jogging. With regular training, the muscle mass increases, which also increases the basal metabolic rate and that means that the body continues to burn calories after retired. This is called the afterburning effect. The basal metabolic rate is the calories needed to maintain the body functions. If this basal metabolic rate increases, we will burn more calories even if we do not move.

What is the calorie consumption while jogging?

Jogging is one of the most popular recreational sports but jogging is not always jogging. The higher the running speed, the higher the calorie consumption, while slower running, a longer distance can be run and burned in the sum of more calories. The calorie consumption increases with increasing body weight, so that each person with the same jogging intensity does not burn the same calories. Around 750 calories remain on the track for a 75 kilo person.

Most important jogging equipment – suitable running shoes

As a jogging beginner you do not need a lot of equipment. Important are the right running shoes and for the ladies a sports bra, everything else can be worried later. When you start running, be sure to get new running shoes. Be sure to keep your old sneakers in the closet, because worn out or suitable shoes are the most common cause of injury. A well-fitting running shoe should provide good cushioning and stabilization. The so-called stable shoes can compensate for foot misalignments and buckling when rolling. So especially light running shoes are more for experienced joggers.

Pulse watches and pedometer are also something that every jogger has today. It’s just cooler and more motivating when it’s clear which distance has been covered, how many steps and, of course, calories have been consumed.

Calorie consumption while jogging – possible in any weather

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