It seems obvious that you use much more energy while jogging than when walking. But is that really true? In this post, you will find a comparison between the calories burned and running, which will give you the answer to this question. Enjoy reading!

The benefits of walking for our health

You may know many people who like to walk in the morning to lose weight or keep fit. Jogging has many benefits for our health, so you should not underestimate the positive aspects of walking. The long walks in the park or walking to work every morning are also a pleasant way to reduce your weight and keep it under control. People often forget that you can lose weight even with less intense exercise – of course, that does not happen overnight, but the positive effect is safe and long term. The calorie consumption while walking and running is actually not that different – the comparison you will find below will definitely convince you of the benefits of walking!

Calorie consumption while walking – important facts for your health

Calorie consumption while walking depends on personal weight and physical condition. Usually the heavier the person is, the more calories he burns. For example, if you weigh 55 kilograms, you eliminate about 255 calories for 500 meters. And the best part of it is that speed does not matter when walking – that’s what researchers from Harvard University have recently discovered! Whether you travel a long, fast, or moderate pace, calorie consumption remains the same. This may be good news for all idlers who are at war with sports. You can burn three times as many calories as you go up a sloping plane, which requires much more effort and energy. Be persistent, set goals every day and success is guaranteed – you will impress with your slim figure! Losing weight can be much faster if you also follow a balanced diet regime. It is not necessary to diet at all – the varied and healthy diet combined with regular walking can do wonders for your body! For example, if you weigh 80 kilos and pay attention to all of the above, you could burn around 2500 calories in one week – that’s an average of 315 grams. And that sounds beautiful, right?

Calorie consumption when walking and running: comparison

The calorie consumption in walking and running can be compared to the same or different distances. Time also plays an important role here. As you walk, you move at a fast pace and it goes without saying that, for example, you can cover a longer distance for 10 minutes than walking. This also means that the energy consumed and the calories burned are more. But that is not the case when it comes to the same route. It has been scientifically proven that for example one kilometer – whether running or walking – burns almost the same calories! The small difference is that while running, the muscles are tense and the heart beats much faster – for this reason, you consume a bit more energy than when walking. The same with the cars for example – the fuel consumption for 100km is also dependent on the speed. The fact that you burn calories more slowly does not mean that walking has no positive effect on the organism. In that sense, the only downside to walking is that it takes much more time compared to running. We hope that you are already convinced of the benefits of the Walkens. Walk as often as possible, climb stairs, take a walk with the dog and do not forget – every walk makes you slim!

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