Advent, Advent, a Christmas cookie is burning … Christmas cookies will not burn calories. However, if you knew how many calories the different types of Christmas cookies, Christmas dinner and drinks contain, then you can better correct your diet plan so that Christmas does not make you fat. Of course, you should not give up. Just take a look at our calorie chart and see how much calories are in which delicacies. Helpful tips on how to enjoy Christmas dinner can be found here!

Eat consciously!

Our first tip for you is the deliberate food: Pack the gingerbread cookies and Christmas cookies clearly only on a plate, rather than unchecked throughout the home like Christmas decorations. Christmas cookies are really atmospheric and festive, but snacking and snacking is definitely not healthy. If you stay at a decent amount, you will stay slim all Christmas and even after New Year’s Eve.

How much does a cookie weigh? Calorie table Christmas cookies

High-calorie Christmas dinner we can somehow replace with a healthy menu. This is often not the case with Christmas cookies. We all love sweet, Christmas cookies smells tempting and tastes very good. Whether in the supermarket or in the office, on the living room table at home, or at the Christmas market – everywhere smells like delicious Christmas cookies, and all agree – no vegan cake smells like that! In fact, they do not contain so many calories – according to the calorie chart, 40 grams of gingerbread bring about 150 kcal. That’s not much, but it’s the same with cookies as it is with pizza and chips. It stays   not at a bite. And let’s count 5 gingerbread a day – 750 kcal! That’s another matter and certainly not healthy. What is the conclusion? Eat what you want, but less. Look at our calorie table the calories of various Christmas cookies and frame your Christmas menu.

  • Stollen 100 g – 373 Kcal
  • Nut cake 100 g – 458 Kcal
  • Chocolate cake 100 g – 394 Kcal
  • Chocolate Madeln 100 g – 464 Kcal
  • Honey cake 100 g – 315 Kcal
  • Fruit bread 100 g – 400 Kcal
  • Peppercorns 100 g – 357 Kcal
  • filled gingerbread hearts 100 g – 355 Kcal
  • Nuremberg Oblaten-Schokolebkuchen 100 g – 380 Kcal
  • Coconut macaroons 100 g – 300 Kcal
  • fried chestnuts 100 g – 190 Kcal

We do not only find the calorie bombs at Christmas time at home, but very often at the Christmas market, where we all go with great pleasure. For those of you who like to stand at the barbecue, we have to say that Currywurst is an absolute calorie bomb. An alternative that you will find at the Christmas market is a fish roll with matjes. If it’s about something sweet after the grilled food, then the fried almonds are an absolute must. Unfortunately, they contain many calories and sugars. A lighter alternative is the chestnuts, which are rich in protein. Good choices at the Christmas market are the chestnuts and chocolate kisses. If you really want to eat crepes at the Christmas market, then you better choose cinnamon and sugar instead of nutella. Not only to eat, but also to drink can be found on the Christmas market. The absolute calorie bombs include eggnog and mulled wine. How much calories do the other alcoholic drinks that we consume during the Christmas period be found in the calorie chart below.

Calorie chart: alcohol

Not only the Christmas menu at Christmas dinner with the family can make you fat, the parties and New Year’s Eve too, especially if there is too much alcohol. Alcohol contains many calories and makes you fat. Some say that wine, champagne and beer are good for a diet plan, but according to our calorie chart, they are not exactly slimming products. See for yourself:

  • Mulled wine 200 ml – 210 Kcal
  • Eggnog 200 ml – 370 Kcal
  • Cider 200 ml – 100 Kcal
  • Pils – 42 Kcal
  • Sparkling wine 200 ml – 160 Kcal
  • Baileys homemade or other

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