Although the rooms with a sloping roof are really nice, they bring some downsides when it comes to furniture. It has to be searched for practical designs. On one side you can benefit from the sloping roof and on the other side – take a lot of storage space. A special attention deserves the cabinet, which often fits in any room with a pitched roof in its classic shape and size – the cabinet sloping.

If cabinet and sloping roof should be combined

The cabinets should adapt to the roof shape. If you are looking for a few ideas for the cabinet roof pitch, we would like to help you here. You will see that the so-called drawbacks we have already mentioned can turn in exactly the opposite direction. These can transform into a beautiful piece of furniture that can have an extra warm impact on the already friendly room.

Precisely plan and use every square centimeter – cupboard pitch

If the bedroom with the sloping roof is slightly larger, a walk-in closet can be considered. You can implement the sloping roof wonderfully with cabinets. Add some open shelves to the kitchen cupboard to make it more attractive. If you still design the room with a few sections, it will be even sweeter.

You can also use the high wall in the room for a built-in sloping roof. In this case, use the inclined part for a bed, smaller cabinets and other furniture so that the roof does not bother. The wardrobe with sliding doors is particularly functional because it saves space. So the cabinet roof pitch are advantageous when it comes to a small or narrow space.

With a cabinet roof slope They give your home an individual character

Dormer ceilings, odd shaped corners and sloping roofs? It is precisely in these difficult places where our cabinets reach their full potential. You can achieve the most efficient and stylish use of any space so you can enlarge your surface and get the most out of your interior.

Take advantage of your sloping ceilings in the living room, bathroom, office or youth room useful and practical

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