What is Wabi Sabi?

Wabi Sabi Einrichtungsstil ist das neue Hygge
Imagine spontaneously the sharp green paste of sushi, if you listen to Wabi-Sabi, you are only geographically oriented. Wabi Sabi is the Japanese concept of aesthetics, a tradition based on Zen Buddhism that focuses on simplicity. It is about the perfection of the imperfect and the perfection of the imperfect. Explained in simple terms, instead of striving for the perfectly furnished home, Wabi-Sabi sees the beauty in the simple, purist elements. You may notice that this philosophy can also be found in minimalism and shabby chic, but Wabi-Sabi goes one step further. By edges, corners and quirks, a piece of furniture is staged instead of establishing the perfection in appearance and shine. Everything that is unique and genuine is especially valued. The end effect – the untreated pieces of furniture invite you to a new sense of living characterized by peace, harmony and relaxation.

How do you use Wabi Sabi in your own home?

Einrichtung mit Unperfektion - Das neue Wohntrend Wabi Sabi ist eingesagt
Wabi-Sabi is much more than a furnishing style, it is a way of life. And like every mindset, it has its principles. In the first place here are: optical emptiness, natural materials, subtle colors and light wood. Before looking in detail at Wabi Sabi’s elements, collect inspirations and ideas from furniture made of natural materials and decoration in soft natural colors. Only after you have familiarized yourself with the concept of the new living trend, only then you can decide whether this style fits your personality. On Moebelideen.info you will find many   Furnishing ideas, as well as an overview of furniture forms, materials and styles.

Raw wood, natural tones and clear forms

Not one piece too little, and none too much. This living room is dominated by organic forms and soft natural tones, such as beige, white and light brown. But that’s not enough for a feeling of relaxation and calm. Some fur and wool blankets and two carpets, which together look like a landscape, put us in a dreamlike atmosphere.

Ceramics is the new glass

Nach Wabi Sabi einrichten - so wohnen die Japaner
The idea of ​​pure wood perfectly matches the natural look of ceramics and marble. Whether crockery, decorative objects, or lamps, the focus is on ceramics when it comes to decorating according to Wabi Sabi.

Unperfected purism

Wabi Sabi ist der neue Wohntrend von Japan
When it comes to the bedroom, the bed has to be uncomplicated and simple. Just put a cozy blanket and pillows on it, looks much more comfortable. Also picture frames are not necessary here to create a homely atmosphere.

Inner retreat and individualism instead of trend

Einrichten mit natürlichen Materialien - Wabi Sabi Wohntrend ist in
The immaculate decor is like traveling without memories. Boring! A general trend does not exist in interior design rather, more important is individualism. Your own home is an expression of our personality and it is developing faster than the trends in interior design styles and is never perfect. Is not it nice to have a sofa cushion from the market in Marrakech on your favorite couch, whether the lamp in the living room is rather Scandinavian? Sure, that seems more chaotic, but that’s what makes the interior exciting, because the furniture always reveals facets of our character. With perfectly furnished apartments it is like with immaculate people – boring!

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