Without a festively decorated Christmas tree, Christmas is hard to imagine today. That is why the choice and purchase of the tree is the most important part of

Buying Christmas trees is not an easy task, as you have a very wide selection. The different tree species are cultivated on large plantations. At the age of three, the tree is planted in the field and after 5 to 10 years of intensive care, it can finally be sold. Of course, the individual varieties differ from each other in their characteristic features. Lately, the Nordmann fir has enjoyed great popularity because it is long-lasting and looks beautiful. The noble fir impresses with its beautiful growth form and soft needles. The blue spruce is also widespread, which can create a cozy and solemn atmosphere with its typical green-blue color and the pleasant scent that scatters it throughout the room. The red spruce also smells of forest and is a bit smaller in comparison to the other varieties, but can hold much less. All these tree species are highly flammable, so you should be careful – especially if you want to decorate your fir traditional, with real candles.

Buy Christmas trees – helpful tips

Before the festival, traditionally special markets are organized, where you can buy the above-mentioned Christmas trees. If you prefer a long-lasting variety – like the Nordmann fir – you can buy the tree up to ten days before Christmas. But if you like the red spruce best, you should bring your Christmas tree home at least a week before the festival. You should also find a cold and dry place where the tree can be stored. You could also place the fir in a large flowerpot and pour it regularly to preserve its fresh look. Of great importance is the place of the Christmas tree in the room – it depends on how long it will last. To avoid drying out, place it as far away as possible from the fireplace, heating, windows and doors.

The artificial fir as an environmentally friendly alternative

A good alternative to the natural Christmas tree are the artificial firs. It is much easier to buy this kind of Christmas trees, because it is not necessary to pay attention to the most important characteristics of the specific variety or to provide the fresh look of the tree. Most artificial fir trees today are made in such a way that they hardly differ from the real ones. This variant is also environmentally friendly because the tree does not end in the fireplace, and you can also save money at the same time, because it is not necessary to look for a new Christmas tree every year – so you can also save a lot of time. Further, in a fir tree, it is not necessary to constantly struggle with the heaped needles, and the annual transportation costs are also saved. When it comes to safety, the artificial trees are also a better variant – compared to the real ones, they are very stable and flame retardant.

Christmas tree in the pot

You can find examples and helpful tips for a Christmas tree in a pot

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