Today, a sofa not only serves as a piece of furniture in the decor, but also provides relaxation and relaxing moments with the family. The sofa is an island of coziness, which should visually impress and be an eye-catcher in the living room! A modern designer sofa can transform the centerpiece of your living space into a real adventure, while providing you with quality and comfort. Before such a cuddly zone moves into your living room, we will bring you closer to the modern furniture world to convince you that the designer sofas are real all-rounders! We present you the diverse modern sofa models and show you what inner life is in designer sofas! With our helpful tips, we support you in choosing the right sofa for you!

Buying Designer Sofas: What Decides When Choosing a Dream Sofa?

Of course, the designer sofas are just pieces of furniture, but also an important part of your life and as a place of relaxation they also have their own character. But what characterizes the character of a designer sofa sustainably? Form and comfort are just two of the many components that make up a sofa. The cover provides comfort, the styling – for quality of life. The best choice is this, which combines style and comfort harmoniously. With the luxurious design of modern sofas and versatile features, the work is done for designers. For you, the task remains to select the right cover and model and to customize the sofa so individually to their ambience at home. The Sofakauf is really an exciting challenge, especially if you are not very well oriented in the offered models in the market. We have researched specifically for you and selected some chic and comfortable models that all have the potential to your favorite sofa! Browse here in the high-quality designer sofas by Renetti, which can be found both online and offline in the showroom. There you will find a wide range of models, high quality fabrics and features, as well as a personal consultation that will make your way to buying your dream sofa easier. Since we also want to assist you with the purchase of the sofa, we have compiled the most important tips, questions and answers on the subject of sofa types, design and functions.

Designer sofas at a glance – The key question when buying a sofa is: “What do I need the sofa for?”

The first step in buying a sofa is to ask what exactly your needs are and what is the purpose of the sofa for satisfying them? The answer to that determines the ideal sofa for you! The secret to a successful purchase: accurately measure and think well – designer sofas are sometimes love at first sight, but ultimately you should be able to offer enough freedom in the space. Whether two-seater, modular sofa or corner sofa: above all, the model decides on the choice of the right piece of furniture. Here are the types of sofa at a glance:

  • Corner Sofa : sociable pieces of furniture that, together with a coffee table, create an island of relaxation that is ideal for a coffee party or movie evenings! With its place to stay, the corner sofa is often the right choice, especially for small rooms or guest rooms.
  • Small sofas – two-seater or three-seater: the small sofas are suitable for young couples and small living spaces. Even with limited space you should not miss design! If more space is available and you want to set up a common cosiness oasis, you can form a seating group of two-seater, three-seater and armchair. Such an ensemble looks spacious and cozy.
  • Modern modular sofas: when it comes to designer sofas, you imagine modular sofas. With their variety of shapes, they offer countless possibilities for modern furnishing. Modular sofas are suitable for living rooms that offer more space and are the favorite piece of furniture especially for people who like to change the decor.

Material and color of the sofa

Not only the women need the right clothes. Sofas too! Just as with shopping, it pays to take a close look at the quality of the fabric when buying a sofa. Do not forget that the designer sofas are a frequently used everyday object and besides the quality, it is also of great importance that the cover also feels good. Here is just one rule – the right material for you is this, which is perceived by you as pleasant and comfortable. Choose upholstery that is firm and dimensionally stable, which guarantees the highest level of seating comfort. In addition to comfort, the color and design play another role. The upholstery fabric should not only fit the living environment and style, but also be easy to clean. For example, leather is resilient but easy to clean, natural fibers are very comfortable and provide comfort, but also require a lot of care.

The latest sofa trend is the functionality – the modern sofa can be converted into a double bed in three seconds!

Designer sofas are unique and have a life of their own!

Many can set up a home, but few understand the art of creating a home. We hope that with our tips and ideas we have helped you to understand the magic in the word “home”, because the sofa is not just a piece of furniture, but a comfortable place in life!

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