Without glasses to see and have a sharp view – many dream of short-sighted and far-sighted people. The dream was fulfilled with the sensational invention – contact lenses. About 3.5 million Germans wear contact lenses, and not just for fashion, but also for practical reasons. The lenses are the best alternative to eyewear – they do not restrict the field of vision, they can be worn while exercising, and most importantly – no eyewear when looking at yourself in the mirror. Already Leonardo da Vinci thought in the early 16th century of visual aid directly on the eye. Nowadays, the contact lens market is so huge that you can buy lenses not only from the optician but also online. The various online shops have already specialized in contact lenses and also offer good service. But can you buy the contact lenses there with a clear conscience? We have researched specifically for you and help you understand what to look for when buying contact lenses online. With a guide we show you the way to a successful online purchase of lenses.

Buy Contact Lenses Online: Step 1 – Eye Exam

With contact lenses almost any refractive error can be compensated – also high farsightedness. For this goal you must necessarily select the right type contact lenses. Although an optician or a specialized online consultant may always adjust the visual aid and tell which contact lenses are suitable for your eyes. But only an ophthalmologist can certainly determine the eyesight. Which type of contact lens is suitable depends only on the result of the eye examination.

Step 2: How do I find the right contact lenses for me?

There are basically two types of lenses: hard and soft. They differ in diameter (the hard contact lenses are smaller) and in the plastic. While touching, there is still the feeling of “hard” or “soft”. Keep in mind that the soft lenses are always second choice when lenses are worn daily. What is still important when choosing the right lenses is the wearing time. If you want to keep an eye on the lenses every day, from getting up to going to bed, you need different lenses than someone who only wants to wear them during sports or once or twice a week. In online trading you will find the following types of contact lenses:

  • daily Disposable
  • week Disposable
  • monthly lenses
  • Yearly Disposable
  • colored lenses

Step 3: Where to buy contact lenses online and what to consider?

Only when your ophthalmologist has determined the right kind for you, you can start with the online purchase. Of course, this applies when you wear contact lenses for the first time. The lens wearers need the data of their previous contact lenses and a specialized online shop. Just like at the cash register of many drugstores, you can now find inexpensive contact lenses in online shops, but they pose a health risk. To avoid this, we have researched which online shops are reliable and what you should consider in the online store. Be sure to pay attention to the certifications, as well as the right of return. Another security feature is that you can immediately inspect the lenses when they are delivered. When buying online, get the best access to contact lenses from reputable manufacturers. Not always the cheapest contact lenses are the better ones. The best way to look for discount offers and price offers from different providers, instead of spontaneously buying the cheap. If you can not invest time in research, there are online platforms such as PriceProLinse that will give you a contact lens price comparison so that you can get quality at the lowest price.

Step 4: What else do you need?

Only with the choice of contact lenses, the online purchase is not over yet. You also need the right care products for the contact lenses, which you can also order online. Just like the contact lenses to the eyes, the care products should fit the lenses. For a good wearing comfort and long-term compatibility, it is not only the right care product, but also the

The care of the contact lenses is just as important as the body care, because the eye is the point in which soul and body unite!

“Nothing is as precious as freedom and nothing is more valuable than trust.” That’s why you rely on our tips when buying your new contact lenses, do not limit your eyes with frames and glasses and enjoy the freedom of the beautiful world with yours to enjoy your own eyes!

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