All parents who have become fresh want to find the ideal furniture for the furnishing of the nursery. These should not only look beautiful, but also provide the baby with enough security. This is especially true when it comes to the cot. But they should take into account the fact that toddlers are growing really fast and their needs are constantly changing. That’s why you should opt for a growing child’s bed. Here you will find effective ideas for it, as well as helpful tips, what you should consider when buying this kind of cot. Enjoy reading!

The growing cot and its numerous advantages

A cot that grows with you brings numerous benefits, so many parents today prefer this option. It guarantees that you do not have to buy a new bed for the nursery, for example every two years – a really practical solution, as it can also save a lot of money in this way. Co-growing cots offer a great alternative to the traditional baby bed with bars, and are suitable for children up to 6-7 years. In addition, you have the unique opportunity that the nursery is transformed into a nursery step-by-step without any extra work. However, as soon as the child starts school, it is advisable to completely renovate his room and equip it with a large bed, desk and wardrobe.

Growing cot as a functional addition to the interior

The waxing cot actually consists of several panels – this way you can extend the baby cot so that the needs of the child can be satisfied. As these types of beds are gaining popularity recently, there are a variety of models on the market with different designs and quality features. For example, there are beds made of different types of wood or plastic, those that are particularly compact and save space – ideal for a small nursery, and models equipped with a low slide, blackboard and game box – especially for toddlers. There is also a great variety when it comes to color design – you can choose the midwifery bed that suits your tastes and combines best with the rest of the nursery furniture. It also offers children’s beds with a creative construction – for example in the form of a carriage for the girls or a car for the boys. And if you choose a classic version in pink or blue, you can avoid the constant change of wallpaper and curtains.

Buy a growing cot: safety comes first

And now we come to the question, what should be considered, if one chooses a growing child bed. As with all other types of bed, safety is paramount in this case. Before you buy the specific cot, you should look for certain quality features to know that you have made the right choice. For example, sharp corners and edges must be avoided in any case, since this is a high risk of injury to the child. The same is true for all sorts of removable small parts on the bed, as they can easily be swallowed by the baby. Also pay attention to loosely fastened material, such as screws or stickers. It is also not advisable to use parts that stand out from the construction – the baby can get caught in it with the dummy chain. The material from which the cot is made, should also be free of pollutants. Another important safety factor is that there are no parts where the child can pull up and later climb.

Additional tips for the parents

But there are also other tips that you can consider when buying a growing child’s bed. It’s best to choose wood models – the wood surfaces can make bacteria more difficult to spread and the risk of allergies is so limited. It is also important that the mattress is big enough for the bed – you should avoid gaps.

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