Maybe you agree that summer without barbecues is hard to imagine. If you want to enjoy outdoor barbecues with your family or friends, you could build a stone barbecue yourself! In this post we offer you a simple guide that explains the construction of a garden barbecue made of fireclay bricks step by step. Let yourself be inspired and make the self-made stone barbecue your new project for the weekend!

Building a stone barbecue yourself – much easier than you think

A self-made stone grill will not only give you the opportunity to spend sociable summer evenings outdoors, it will also give your garden a cozy look. Actually, you can build a stone barbecue without much effort or a lot of money and time. It’s a lot easier than you think, and you do not need special craft skills for that purpose. First, but you should find the right place in the garden for the grill. Because of the danger of flying sparks, it is important that it is far from the house. To prefer is a shady and sheltered place – for example under a big tree. The hard and even floor covering plays a decisive role in the stability of the whole construction – for example, the garden soil as a base for the grill is totally inappropriate. The best choice is a concrete or solid stone floor (fireclay bricks can also be used for this purpose).

Building stone grill yourself – necessary tools and materials

The detailed instructions below will give you hints on how to build a stone barbecue yourself. The main building material in this case are the firebricks – they are fireproof, store a lot of heat and are just perfect for building a barbecue. For the variant that we offer you in this post, you need at least 90 firebricks (240mm x 110mm x 70mm). What you need are the following tools and materials: masonry mortar (about 60 l), hammer, wall trowel, grill grid (600mm x 400mm), 4 steel tubes (720mm, diameter 16mm), shelves for the grill, wood for support arch, roof battens for Teaching, spirit level, buckets, angles and gloves.

Step 1: Make a frame of wooden slats

Make a frame out of the wooden slats – its height and width should be matched with that of the grill (for added stability, you can add a slat diagonally). Place the finished gauge on the ground on which you want to

Step 2: Start with the walls

Catch the first row of stones by placing the firebricks in a U-shape around the frame. The first row must be placed on a bed of refractory mortar. The second row should begin with a half stone. To do this, find the center of the firebrick, score the break with the hammer, and then sharpen the stone. In this way, make two more stone layers – each with 1cm storage joint, by checking the alignment with the spirit level.

Step 3: Wall the round arch of the grill and the area for the coal

Then you build the round arch of the barbecue – for this purpose you can again use the teaching arch, which is placed in the opening of the underground wall. After you have done that, make another row of stones and evenly distribute the steel pipes (they can also be attached with a screw clamp). If you start to make a wall of stone, you will later lay the coals for the barbecue.

Step 4: Install the brackets for the grill

The next step is to build the walls of the grill higher by building another four layers of stone. Then install the brackets for the grill in the storage joint.

Step 5: Final finishing work

Finally, fill the joints with mortar from the outside and remove the excess mortar to make your masonry look aesthetically pleasing. And done! It remains only to put the grill on the holder. Leave the mortar for at least a week to dry out well, and you can invite your friends to a barbecue party!

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