Christmas is knocking on the door, but you do not have a fireplace in your living room. Too bad … What is a famous Advent evening without a fireplace console where the Christmas socks are hung? Do not be sad anymore! We have the solution to your problem. This article is a full guide to building a fireplace console at home. The console has no connection, so you can not burn logs. In its place you can light fragrant candles that fill the whole room with a nice fragrance. Imagine the romantic evenings, Christmas can come!

Necessary materials for the construction of a chimney console

  • 9 boards (1.9 mm)
  • 8 metal angles (small)
  • 32 screws
  • trim
  • wood glue
  • sandpaper
  • 2 screw clamps (large)
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • jigsaw
  • Paint and brush

Step by step: How can you build a fireplace surround yourself?

The fireplace console, whose construction is explained, is a

In the hardware store you can buy desired

The leg

Second, you should build your feet. The foot is built from the small boards that have remained from cutting the

The front panel is made of some boards. Depending on the height of the legs, choose 5 or 6 boards and stick the pieces together in parallel. Fix the building with the help of the screw clamps and wait for the drying.

Step (6)

Now you can glue the front panel with your legs. To ensure the stability of the chimney console screw with 2 metal angles per leg. Be careful not to make the design skew.

Step (7)

In order to complete the construction of your fireplace surround, you should place the support surface of the console on the construction and glue it with wood glue. You will decorate the chimney console later, so you should assure the stability of the construction with metal angles.

Step (8)

If everything is tight, you can start decorating your fireplace console with the moldings. Design the wooden strips around the transition of the shelf to the legs of the fireplace surround. First, however, you should bring the strips by sawing to a certain level. Then they are glued on the chimney console.

Step (9)

They are almost done. Now comes the cheap part of building-painting. Let your imagination run wild and paint. You can choose from many techniques like shabby chic or vintage look. In our example, we preferred the white color to paint the chimney console.

Congratulations on completing the construction of your fireplace console! Now you are ready for Christmas. For Christmas you can decorate your new fireplace surround with wooden blocks, pine cones, garlands, candles, Christmas figures. To get the desired effect from the fire, fill the fireplace with wood or light candles inside. If you want a real log fire atmosphere, hang a small TV screen indoors and run a fire clip.

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