When it comes to modern interior design, the TV wall is an absolute must for the living room, especially if you’ve just bought a new flat screen TV. The wall-mounted TV not only acts as an elegant space object, but the device is also from the eyes – a position that partially reduces its health-damaging effect. But what to do if you do not want to spend a lot of money on the expensive assembly? The answer is easy – read this article! From our simple guide, which is also suitable for inexperienced craftsmen, you will learn how to build a TV wall yourself. We wish you lots of fun and success!

Build a TV wall yourself – list of necessary tools and materials

Below, we show you step by step how to build a TV wall without much effort and money. For the idea we offer in this post, you need the following tools and materials: medium fiber board, circular saw, grinder, wood screws, paint, cordless screwdriver, spray gun, wood drill, countersink, folding rule, wooden spatula, sandpaper, eraser and pencil.

Cut out reinforcement plate, suspension and spacer strips and install

Our TV wall is particularly stable as it hangs on top of four special hanging rails. You should cut them out of a 120mm wide and 1050mm long plate. To do this, set the circular saw to 45 ° and separate the plate lengthwise. After you have done that, drill two 4mm deep holes in each end of each hanger bar. In the same way, cut two spacer strips (1050 x 60mm) and one reinforcing plate (800 x 200mm) and drill holes for later assembly. To know exactly which part is where, mark the bump edges of each plate with a triangle symbol. Cut one left and one right rear panel (1600 x 1200mm) out of the fiber board. Then you should put the two back panels face down. Position the hanging rails correctly and screw them through the pre-drilled holes with wood screws (4 x 35mm). Do the same with the reinforcement plate and the spacer strips.

Make a shelf yourself

The next step is to make a simple shelf yourself. For this purpose, cut out of the fibreboard two shelves (202 x 160 mm), two sides (800 x 160 mm) and one rear wall (800 x 160 mm). Then connect the individual parts again using the wood drill and cordless screwdriver. Make sure that the screw heads are completely recessed! After the shelf is already finished, you should connect it to the TV wall. For this you have to draw a line on the back wall of the shelf, which is about 10mm from the outside edge. Then drill four 4mm deep holes for later screwing. Then mark the position of the holes on the TV wall – they should be about 6cm away from the side edges, and about 8cm from the top edge. Drill four holes here as well and fasten the shelf to the TV wall with screws. Depending on your taste, you can make a second shelf so that your home-made TV wall looks even more elegant.

Edit the surfaces

To make the surface look nice and smooth, fill all screw holes with wood filler. Let it dry well and sandpaper the sharp edges. Then you should paint the whole surface, so that your TV wall looks perfect in the end. Use a spray gun for this purpose and allow the paint to dry well. First coat the inside and outside edges and at the end the surfaces. An interesting idea is to opt for a color coat – then the TV wall you build will look even more attractive!
We hope you like our guide. Try these at home to see how fast and easy it is to build a TV wall yourself!

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