Children’s House! All children want to go. Sometimes it is boring and time-consuming to bring the children to the playhouse every day. How about if you had a playhouse in your own garden? Did you ask yourself this question? The answer can be found in this post! We have put together for you creative DIY ideas for a playhouse in the garden, as well as helpful instructions. Be inspired and secure an eternal adventure for your children at home!

Playhouse Garden: The play paradise for the children

If you are lucky enough to have your own garden, you can open up a wonderful world of games and fantasy worlds for children. As a small treasure and retreat, small playhouses and climbing towers offer great joy and fun. There are many types of playhouses, they differ in shape, size and material from which they are built. In our picture gallery you will find various stunning ideas for playhouses in the form of a ship, game towers or play tower with slide. Since play equipment made of wood is well received by many children, experienced DIYers build such a playhouse without further ado. The construction manual we have prepared for you is for a wooden playhouse. On the bottom picture you can see a design for a playhouse. If the children prefer to play in a teepee, you can build a playhouse made of cloth. The construction manual is very easy and you can do it in 5 minutes. Scroll down for even more clever ideas!

Example scheme for playhouse build yourself

Playhouse Garden: DIY Instructions

Build a playhouse yourself: That’s how it’s done step by step!

  1. Cut façade and back wall panel 120 x 140 cm out of carpenter’s panel 19 mm and saw off the roof slopes.
  2. Saw out the door and window cutout from the façade panel.
  3. Cut shelf sidewalls and roof surfaces to a width of 250 mm and, with a side clearance of 31 mm, mark the exact height and the angle bisector on the back panel.
  4. Prepare 19 x 19mm with spacers 7 x 7 mm
  5. Dowel the strips together with the guide slots and glue them together. (Tip: best use a dowel template)
  6. Glue the stop bar for doors and windows 30 x 920 mm in the middle on the back of the facade panel
  7. Drill the hole for the wheel hitch into the frame, 30 mm from the bottom (center of the hole).
  8. Cut shelves 215 x 1100 mm and dowel them with shelf sides and glue.
  9. Connect the turnstiles in the middle with the lock screw 6 x 30, the lock nut and the cap nut and fasten them in the guide slots of the shelf. Dowel and glue the shelving sides and roof surfaces to the rear wall plate.
  10. Connect facade element with the free ends of the turnstiles in the guide slots.
  11. The playhouse now has to be put off and on.
  12. Locking bracket of 15 x 120 mm made of multiplex 10 mm at both ends with 7.5 mm center distance with d = 6 mm pierce, wooden dowels,
    Insert 6 x 30 mm and glue in. Round flush sanding and ends with file.
  13. Dragon fabric pieces in yellow, 70 x 99 cm (plus seam and envelope allowance), red 70 x 70 cm, sew red and yellow again to form a web, fold around the edges and cling to the shelves and frame of the façade from the inside.
  14. Install door 352 x 530 mm and shutters 352 x 352 mm
  15. Drill holes d = 35 mm in doors and windows
  16. Take in doors and windows for drilling

This is your playhouse finished! Here’s a suggestion on how to set it up:

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