Build a table from wine boxes – creative DIY ideas

Tisch aus Weinkisten DIY stilvoll Glasplatte Kerzen
Tisch aus Weinkisten Couchtisch mit Glasplatte
Tisch aus Weinkisten DIY Couchtisch herrlicher Look
Tisch aus Weinkisten Couchtisch stilvoll Rollen
Tisch aus Weinkisten Couchtisch Wohnzimmer Cremefarbe
Tisch aus Weinkisten DIY Kisten reinigen lackieren
Tisch aus Weinkisten eleganter Couchtisch DIY
A table made of wine crates or Build table from wine crates – stylish coffee table
Tisch aus Weinkisten bauen notwendige Materialien
Tisch aus Weinkisten selber bauen Weinkisten ordnen
Tisch aus Weinkisten selber bauen lackieren streichen
Tisch aus Weinkisten bauen die Kisten aneinander schrauben
Tisch aus Weinkisten Couchtisch bauen stilvoll
Tisch aus Weinkisten Couchtisch Ablagefläche Orchidee
Tisch aus Weinkisten Couchtisch Wohnzimmer
Tisch aus Weinkisten Couchtisch weiß streichen
Tisch aus Weinkisten Couchtisch groß Ablagefläche
Tisch aus Weinkisten bauen praktische Idee
Tisch aus Weinkisten Couchtisch mit Ablagefläche
Tisch aus Weinkisten Couchtisch auf Rollen
Tisch aus Weinkisten Couchtisch quadratisch
Tisch aus Weinkisten Couchtisch zusammenbauen
Tisch aus Weinkisten Couchtisch Glasplatte Ablagefläche
Before you start building, you can treat the wine boxes with sandpaper or wood stain to give them a nicer look. They can also be dyed to taste. Do all these things after first cleaning the boxes of dirt and dust thoroughly. This is followed by arranging. You should put all four boxes to the side with the floor facing inside, creating a square with a gap in the middle (you can see the correct order in the photos above). Once you have completed this task, you can start assembling. First, screw the four boxes together, and then screw the wood panel to the construction. Use as many screws as necessary to make the construction stable and no longer wobble. If you also want to mount rollers, they should first be screwed to the four corners of the wooden plate. The hole in the middle can be used as a storage surface – eg for a houseplant. And if you put a glass plate on the table, it can also be easily cleaned.

Build a table from wine boxes – original bedside table

Tisch aus Weinkisten Nachttisch DIY stilvoll praktisch
Tisch aus Weinkisten bauen Nachttisch Kisten lackieren
Tisch aus Weinkisten selber bauen Materialien Anleitung
Tisch aus Weinkisten Nachttisch mit Regal praktisch
Instead of couch, you could also build a stylish bedside table made of wine boxes for your bedroom. All you need is two or three wine boxes with lids, wood stain and possibly also cordless screwdrivers and wood screws – to make the construction even more stable. First, you should clean the boxes and treat them with wood stain. After drying, the individual wine crates are simply stacked on top of each other and attached to each other with wood screws as desired. Finished! And a practical nightstand with shelf can be made from a single wine box with lid – in addition you need four small table legs made of steel, mounting brackets, screws and cordless screwdriver (what the finished construction looks, you can see in the photos above).

DIY table made of wine boxes – practical side table

Tisch aus Weinkisten bauen praktischer Beistelltisch
Tisch aus Weinkisten Beistelltisch Regal montieren
Tisch aus Weinkisten Beistelltisch zwei Abteilungen
Tisch aus Weinkisten Metallbeine schrauben
Tisch aus Weinkisten Beistelltisch Beine Metall originell
Tisch aus Weinkisten Beistelltisch Bauanleitung
Tisch aus Weinkisten Beistelltisch Beine Metallröhre
Everyone needs a side table at home – for books. Newspapers and of course the remote control, and this can be easily assembled from wine boxes. For our proposal, you actually need a single box, which you should “equip” with four steel legs. Install another wooden plate of the appropriate size as a shelf, and you get two sections. Already finished! If desired, the table can also be painted or dyed as desired.

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