You like to do handicrafts? Do you realize DIY projects with heart and soul? Then you are right here, dear handyman! If you want to create a beautiful and individual ambience, then simply build your own furniture. Now the question arises: What does your apartment need? A comfortable bed, an armchair …? Or a new table? Yes exactly. That’s what we mean. In this article we will show you how to build a practical table yourself. All you need is time and skill and everything will work out for sure. And of course you need a good guide, but which is already available to you. Take advantage of the convenient furnishings by giving your home unique DIY pieces of furniture. Continue reading!

Our DIY tip today: build your own table!

To make your new walnut table, a few materials and tools are needed. Which are you? Have a look at the following list! You should expect a few hours of manual work!

Build your own table – materials and tools:

1 table top;

4 table legs;

4 table frames (longitudinal and horizontal);

8 blocks (for attachment);

1 large board and 1 small board (as template);

Battery screwdriver;


Circular saw;

Random Orbit Sander;




Sanding fleece;

Sanding block;


wood glue;

circular saw;

Wood oil;

Linen cloth;

Domino dowels;

Spax screws;

How can you build this beautiful table yourself?

Building a table yourself is hardly an easy task. Nevertheless, accept this challenge and make a unique piece!

Building instructions:

Cut and glue! First cut the table top and sides and shape them! Pay attention to the following: Table legs are made from more than one squared timber? Then glue parts flush so that the table is stable. Apply wood glue to the end of a squared timber with a glue scraper and press it together with the second squared timber! Remove the swelling glue with a crowbar! But if you use a piece of squared timber per table leg, you do not need glueing!

Then sand legs of the table flush with an eccentric sander or shave them off! Cut table legs to the appropriate length with a saw! Mark obliquely on a table leg! Tighten wide strips of plywood with its longitudinal edge on this line! Mark contour of the table leg under the plate! Use the dip saw to cut a section of the wooden plate at the stroke! Screw the second strip on the board!

Clamp template with clamps parallel to the outer edge on the table! Mark the position of the template with a pencil on the table!

Then place the table leg on the edge of the template and cut to size! Shoot down and clamp a saw blade with 12 teeth into the submersible saw! Saw the first edge, turn the leg 90 degrees and cut in the second edge! All legs cut? now turn template on the table by 180 degrees! Spend the bar clamped on the template on the other side! Insert table leg! After all edges have been sawed on the legs, polish and grind cut surfaces!

Milling dowel holes! Set the tiller to 25 mm! Put the flap in the horizontal position! Insert two dowels into the 7 cm wide frame! Milling the first hole: Select a narrow width setting. Slide the guide pin in the first hole to the edge! This is how the second hole is made!

Edit and mill table legs! Milling holes in the table legs! Set the flap 10 millimeters higher. Make sure that the frames slide inwards by 1 centimeter! Now mill 1.5 centimeters from the top edge! Milling into the frames domino holes with a diameter of 1 centimeter and maximum width setting! Clamp the table top to the underframe with the help of wooden blocks!

Edit table top! Finishing blocks for the tabletop from the remaining pieces of the frames made! Cut the fold in the board! Cut off blocks and drill holes in them! Afterwards lower edge of the table top and outer corners of the legs are provided with a rounding of 2.5 centimeters! All other edges are provided with a rounding of 0.4 centimeters! Glue the sides of the base together! Add glue to the dominoes of the frames and hammer the Domino dowels into the holes with a hammer!

Then add wood glue into the holes of the first two legs and tighten them with the table top! Repeat this step with the other legs! Let it dry afterwards! Work on the surface and profiles of the plate with a hand sanding block or an eccentric sander! Polish the plate with sandpaper!

Now oil and screw! Grind the oil into the wood over a large area with an eccentric sander and fleece! Remove the dust! Oil again with a rag and let it air well!

Join table top and frame! In addition blocks stuck in the milled slots!

Your new table is ready! With pride you could serve the dinner!

We hope you enjoy the reconstruction!

Build a table yourself: that’s how it works!

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DIY furniture or DIY tables appear in different designs and shapes. Take a look at a few more creative suggestions for home-made tables in the gallery below and gather inspiration for the perfect home decor!

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