In your spare time you like to master useful things, but it seems too difficult to build something bigger – for example, a wooden decorative table. Then this contribution will definitely help you. Here’s a guide for beginners on how to build a wooden table yourself and helpful tips to make your job easier. Follow the steps and you will undoubtedly be proud of the result!

To build a wooden table yourself: variety of variants and possibilities

If you want to build a wooden table yourself, you can either start from scratch, or use parts from old pieces of furniture and combine them with new elements. For example, a table made of tree trunks impresses with its rustic look and is easy to build by yourself. For a room decorated in country style, this variant is just perfect. However, if you prefer the industrial style of furnishing, you can try the following ideas: use supports for wall shelves and build them in cube form. The surface of your table can be a wooden plate of appropriate size. From Europaletten can also build a beautiful wooden table itself. As you may have thought, the possibilities are enormous – just let your imagination run wild! However, if you love the challenges and want to test your crafting skills, follow the instructions we provide in this article. It is about the construction of a classic, decorative table made of wood. Such a wooden table can also find its place in the bathroom as a

Inexperienced craftsmen often make mistakes in selecting materials. In order for the construction you build to withstand future stress, do not use too thin a wooden or glass top as a table surface – otherwise you will need to change them soon. To relieve the table top, the larger the table, the stronger the substructure must be. For this purpose you can mount several table legs or a frame construction. In the following construction manual you will also find a list of materials that guarantee the necessary stability of the construction.

Necessary materials and tools

This manual describes how to build a 100 cm long and 75 cm wide wooden pond yourself. For this purpose, you need the following materials and tools: 4 square stones – 75 cm high (as table legs); 4 rods – 57 cm long, and another 4 with a length of 82 cm; wooden block board – 100 cm x 75 cm in size; Drilling machine; 8 dowels; Wood glue, pencil and tape.

Step 1: Drill holes

The first thing to do is drill the holes with the drill, into which the rods will later be inserted. This should be done at different heights, as the table looks more interesting in this way and at the same time becomes much more stable. All holes must be 4 cm deep and drilled at a distance of about 6 cm to each other. The goal is that later the long round bars will run at a height of 7 cm and 13 cm, and the short – at a height of 4 cm and 10 cm. On the tops of the squared timbers you have to drill two 1 cm deep holes – for the dowels, which are used to connect the legs to the table top.

Step 2: Prepare the table top

The next step is to drill holes in the tabletop that match those on the tops of the legs. Make sure that the table top protrudes 5 cm on each side over your legs. The sharp edges can be smoothed with sandpaper and then stained or painted the wood – yes to your liking.

Step 3: Assemble the table

Next, wood glue is placed in the holes on the tops of the table legs and the dowels are hammered there. Thereafter, the holes for the rods are also filled with wood glue and finally pushed in the round rods. In this way, the four table legs are connected together and the whole construction is much more stable. At the end, the table top should still be attached. Your homemade wooden table is already done!

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