The bedroom is the heart of our apartment. Since we spend most of the time to sleep, lie to rest and cuddle with our loved ones. The bed is the eye-catcher in your bedroom and must definitely be built and decorated to your own taste. This also applies to the whole interior of the bedroom – make it personal! Modern, unique and cheap furniture in the bedroom? Is that possible? Yes! To build a bed of Euro pallets is not only cool, but is also very trendy. If you want to build a complete

Today we will show you how to build a headboard from pallets. Of course, you can build a

Build headboard from pallets yourself: DIY instructions

The Euro pallets are the cost-effective alternative to wooden boards. With a little effort and good sanding you can take out of the pallets really good boards that conjure up with the beauty of real wood. Euro pallets also have a special charm, on the other hand boards, which brings a touch of romance to the bedroom. Let’s leave the romantic mood for later on the page and start with the not so pleasant task – the building. As with any construction project, you should first start measuring the bed to determine how big the headboard should be.

Step 1: Prepare the Euro pallets

Before you start with our guide, your job is to beat the boards off the pallets. Note that this could be a difficult task. If you have difficulty, you can use a crowbar and a chop saw for the target. If you have thrown out the boards, you should process them to taste. For the headboard to look good, the boards must be the same length. That’s why you should cut them and sand them very well. If you want you can paint them in different colors.

Step 2: make holes

Step 3: Fix the boards together with screws

Note the thickness of the headboard

Decorate the headboard

On request, you can brush your new headboard with wood stain or dye in white (see the picture below). The white gives the

Library in the headboard brings a rustic charm

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