Do you see the garden gates in the picture? Such a gate costs too much for it to be unique. But does not it become a little more unique if you build a garden gate yourself? Follow our instructions! We also have breathtaking examples that you have never seen! Let yourself be inspired!

Even more fascinating garden gate than this you can build yourself

With our instructions you will very easily build the garden gate yourself. The decoration plays a big role …

The garden gate has really practical benefits – protects against prying eyes from neighbors and serves as a protection of your own home. That’s not all. The garden gate means reception, so that you can receive your guests in style, you should decorate the gate fascinatingly. Show the love and the cosiness that reign in your home with a garden gate full of blooming flowers and natural materials. The climbing roses fit perfectly with a white gate and have a charming look. You can also buy finished metal crafts and combine them with wood or natural stones. But do not forget that this part of your home is a long term investment. Whether made of wood, metal or pallets, note the quality of the materials when you build your garden gate yourself. It is recommended that you make the gate so well that it can form a unit with the fence.

Garden gate build yourself: DIY instructions

This garden gate will get you there for 40 minutes! Begin! Start with drilling …

For the construction of the garden gate, the overlapping of the wooden boards is the most important point. To make your garden gate stable, they need to be connected together. The stability you create with a diagonal bracing. For the frame you need 10 x 5cm boards. Approximately 130-140 cm, the wooden frames must be long. You should measure how tall and long your garden gate must be and cut the wooden boards correctly. Attach the wooden frames from the top corner to the bottom corner. The video below speaks better than the text 🙂

… and assembling!

And to make it even clearer, we have a video tutorial for you


When you are done with the cutting and building, the hanging comes. Here you need two posts. You also need pods that will knock you into the ground. Attach the sleeves to the wooden beams. Place the garden gate on the goal posts so you decide where to fix the door trap. When you are done with all this, you can attach the gate and think of appropriate decoration or planting. In the photo above you can see that we have built two short pieces. This is not just for stability, but for visual pleasure. A tip from us is that you screw grid from the inside, if you have decided for planting with climbing plants.

Combine finished stunning metal ornaments with a self-made garden gate

White wood and blooming red roses – just fantastic!

And you’ve never seen such a goal, right? You can easily build it yourself 🙂

Show everyone that the body is at home in your home

Just walk in the woods and build a garden gate of natural wood yourself

With such a spooky garden gate you will surely have protection for your home

Gates are also available at home 🙂

Would you like to see creative examples? Scroll down!

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