Having your own home is a dream of everyone! And what if this dream becomes real? You are sure to bring a personal touch to your home to make it unique and unique. Individually does not have to be expensive! We have discovered the possibility to fulfill your dream – Architect houses!

Architect houses mean individual planning

What are the architect houses and what is the difference between such a house and a prefabricated house or classic Bauhaus? These are definitely the first questions you will ask. An architect’s home means that you, along with an architect, in this case your partner, will fulfill your wishes and plan your own unique home. Of course, before you start planning, you need inspiration. We help! From our article you will learn the most important information and from our breathtaking examples you will get creative ideas! After that, the architect comes into play. Note, however, that the ideas are yours, only the technical advice from him! First, you should have a clear picture in mind and have determined the key points, such as the type of house. Scroll down to find out what architects’ houses are.

From a family home … to multi-storey architect-designed houses …

Your own imagination and imagination knows no bounds! But a person can not live alone in a multi-storey house, right? That’s why you should decide which house suits you best. With us you have read for almost all types of houses … Container house, bungalow, cottage. In our category –

Costs can also be individual – What do you say to an architect house for less than 150,000 euros?

Anyone who can afford a Bauhaus has the opportunity to choose architects’ houses. Actually, such a house does not cost more than a typical Bauhaus. But you have a big advantage in the architect house – to express your individualism! That’s not to be underestimated. And if you have the opportunity to plan yourself, you can also determine your own costs. There are some secrets to how your dream home will be cost effective. But we have no secrets from you, so we betray them immediately! Do not plan a big palace. A family feels even more comfortable in a small family house, instead of in a multi-storey. Interior construction is almost half of investment. 100 sqm living space is perfect! In our picture gallery you will also find how nice and warm the small architect houses look. With your own services, your dream home can also be cheap. So many DIY instructions you read in our page, we are sure that you can also build a whole house! Cellar is not mandatory. You already know the motto of minimalism – less is more! Follow him and you will have an architect house for little money!

So many styles to choose from …

Modern or rustic, country-style or inspired by minimalism? Choose a style and just follow it. If you’re not sure about more than one style of living, combine a warm, country-style ambiance with modern decor. That’s a trend in recent years. Take a look at all the photos in our gallery and decide what you like most – rather clean lines or natural materials, such as solid wood. Save these pictures that made an impression and you will easily recognize your style!

Let yourself be inspired!

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