Garden friends beware! Today we present you a practical raised bed of fruit boxes, wine boxes and wooden boxes, which you can build super last minute and bring to use directly. . Here you can buy the matching old fruit boxes . The raised bed for DIY is not only suitable for the garden. You can use the raised bed for the balcony or your terrace and, thanks to the fruit boxes, adapt it to your available space. If you still have no room for a raised bed on your balcony, we still have a wonderful alternative for you.

Make a raised bed of fruit crates and wine crates yourself

Sari & Christian from the blog Saris Garage built a raised bed out of pallets last year. But since not every place for a whole pallet has raised bed, the creative couple came up with the idea to build a raised bed of fruit boxes, which requires much less space. . You can find the great fruit crates and wine crates in the Saris Garage wine crate & fruit crate shop . There, the two have a huge selection, so you have the choice between white fruit boxes, flamed boxes, fruit boxes from the Old Country, boxes with imprint and much more. A visit is definitely worth the visit.

Surely you know the feeling. Winter is slowly saying goodbye, the air is getting milder and the first signs of spring are coming to the spot. The time when you wake up from hibernation and look forward to outdoor activities by, among other things, the garden, the terrace or the balcony to bloom to his liking.

A raised bed provides plenty of scope to grow a variety of healthy treats and make sure that the harvest is actually healthy (organic). The special feature of this raised bed of fruit boxes is that you can adjust the height completely to your needs – and customize it. You will find out how this works in the following step by step guide. Click here for the DIY video tutorial, where Sari & Christian show you how fast you can build your own raised bed of fruit crates yourself.

You want to build a raised bed of europallets? Then you will find it here:

In addition, the Kinder Hochbeet is a great game of patience, because they learn from the fact that everything takes its time until the plants bear ripe fruit. The independent picking of the harvest in the raised bed is probably the healthiest and tastiest reward system.

But not only for children is this great raised bed of boxes, because as we all know, the gardening can really go cross. To avoid back pain and to prevent a healthy posture, you can use the fruit crates to adjust the raised bed to your personal needs and stack the boxes so that you do not have to kneel down.
A cheap raised bed for self-construction, which makes you want to spring and harvest in summer. We think the idea is great and we are happy to share this great wooden raised bed with you.


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