If the second child comes, many families are faced with the decision to make a nursery or just buy an extra bed. The dilemma could actually be a big challenge if you do not have a lot of space. If you are one of these couples, you are in the right place! We have found the solution for you! A multifunctional loft bed is the ideal and creative solution for too little space at home. It can also be a relatively cheap option, especially if you build the bunk itself. How do you do that if you are not a home improvement? No worries! With our step by step instructions your loft bed will be built very easy and a real eye-catcher!

Build a loft bed yourself – the dream of many children!

The cot is certainly the most important piece of furniture in the nursery and serves not only for good sleep, but also as a playground. A bed as high as possible, with a staircase or even better with a rope ladder and below the little brother or sister and why not a tent – that’s every child’s dream when it comes to children’s rooms. With a loft bed, as a parent you will fulfill your children’s dream and they will be proud of you when you build the loft bed yourself. Such a bed has the advantage that it saves a lot of space, which you use for a desk or cabinet and why not easy for playground – the more space to play, the better the nursery. A next advantage is that you build a bed yourself, which is adapted to the apartment – especially helpful in pitched roofs or winding rooms. A high bed is not only for children’s rooms. This is a beautiful alternative for one-room apartments or workrooms. Is there anything better than a bed in the workplace? Yes! A bed right above the workplace!

Build the bunk itself – the planning

Before you reach for the cordless screwdriver, you should consider a few things and plan your DIY loft bed very well, especially when it comes to the furnishing of children’s rooms. The bed should be so high that you can stand upright underneath. The mattress should be at least 90 cm, better one meter from the ceiling. Take note of the design of your high bed. A very playfully designed bed does not provide enough security. Plan a fall protection when the bed is built for a child. Also, do not forget that a loft bed needs to be more stable than a regular bed. For this reason, pay attention to the quality of the materials.

Build your own bed – DIY instructions

The required materials

  • 4 10 x 10cm thick beams, 200cm long
  • 5 10 x 10cm thick beams, 120cm long
  • 2 10 x 10cm thick beams, 180cm long
  • 1 10 x 10cm thick beam, 190cm long
  • 2 boards, 100 x 20 x 2cm in size
  • 2 boards, 50 x 20 x 2cm in size
  • 2 boards, 138 x 20 x 2cm in size
  • 14 boards, 200 x 10 x 2cm in size
  • Angle, wood screws

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Step 7:

All wooden boards must be cut to size according to the plan and sanded if necessary. Attach 2 angles each at a height of 160 cm to each post. The 160 cm indicate the upper edge of the angle. Thereafter, the short post is first fixed in a corner of the room with screws suitable for the wall. We recommend inserting the screws directly through the post into the wall. Align the Upright with the spirit level vertically before screwing it in place. Screw the longitudinal beam to the Upright with 2 x screws each. Then the next posts come to the wall. Place the crossbeam in abutment on the short post and on the angle of the post. Screw the brackets to the beams with 2 x screws each. The post is now placed in the room, one after the other, the beams are placed on the angles and screwed with 2 x screws. Then mount the crossbar with 2 angles in the middle of the bed to the longitudinal beam.


Take a look at creative inspirations in our picture gallery for suggestions!

Have fun building!

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