The bungalow is practical and modern. This classic among house forms has been experiencing a renaissance for some time now and is therefore back in fashion as a design. Build a chic bungalow? Why not. A compact and affordable solution for your best well-being! What do you have to consider when building bungalows? Here you will find useful information about bungalows!

Build a chic bungalow with fresh architecture!

The ground-level living offers a variety of design options and is ideal for open space concepts. Design your bungalow according to your own wishes and needs, so that you will feel well there for a long time! Individual planning options ensure your freedom and comfort! Window geometries, altered floor plans or roof shapes and even a garage in the house? The modern construction methods are no limits! With modern architectural lines, these house types fit perfectly to the requirements of the future! Modern bungalows shine with a stylish, compact design. A beautifully designed bungalow can look really classy. An L-shaped or U-shaped construction creates an attractive appearance and makes a special impression. Bungalows with modern architecture may have a sloping roof or a small second floor.

Barrier-free living on just one level!

What is meant by the term “bungalow”?

As a bungalow you usually define a single-storey house or a flat family house with only one floor. If you want to build a bungalow, then opt for a free living on the level! Especially popular in southern states such as Spain or Italy, the bungalow has established itself in other European countries at the end of the 1950s. Small or spacious it does not matter, because bungalows often have the character of holiday homes. But where is the difference between a bungalow and a flat roof house? The bungalow can have a hipped roof, tent roof or another form of roof.

Bungalows are experiencing a renaissance!

A bungalow offers you the following advantages:

No more climbing stairs: climbing stairs is easier compared to a multi-storey building.

Direct relation to nature;

A particularly representative bungalow construction;

Lower construction costs for the following variant: short chimney; no further floor; saved staircase;

Bungalow saves repair costs;

The unified living comfort increases the comfort factor and makes bungalows especially attractive for families with small children and pensioners.

Easily reach all rooms! Does not it sound so nice? What’s better than going to bed very quickly from the kitchen!

A bungalow is worth it!

What do you have to pay attention to? Factors that determine the price during construction:

living space;

Number of rooms;

Shape of the building: simple rectangular shape is especially cheaper than a U-shape;

Construction: prefabricated house, prefabricated house, massive house;

Energetic construction: energy-efficient house or passive house;

Construction of the roof: Flat roof as the cheapest option;

Keller causes additional costs;

Plan your bungalow according to your own wishes!

Have you already thought about planning your new bungalow? Not yet? Be inspired by the selection of free individual design options! Our suggestions for bungalow types and interior design ideas can be seen in the following list!

Sophisticated aesthetics!

Bungalows offer a variety of design options!

Build a small bungalow!

Bungalow with unique design!

Classic bungalow type!

Bungalow with modern architecture!

Build a spacious bungalow!

Modern architectural lines!

Living comfort in the classic bungalow!

Barrier-free living on just one level!

What do you have to consider when building a bungalow!

Bungalow Design!

Which factors must be considered!

The modern construction is no limit!

Modern bungalow offers accessibility!

Nice interior design!

The color variety of the bungalows!

Furnishing ideas for bungalow design!

Direct relation to nature!

Bungalow on the lake!

Classic bungalow!

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