Do you live in a house without a garage? In any case, the problem is well known to you: in winter you need at least 20 minutes to get the car out of the snow, and in the summer your car becomes a sauna as it is exposed to the strong rays of the sun. There is his only solution, namely to build a carport! Doing this task yourself is difficult, but not impossible, and in this article we will give some tips on construction and planning that would be of great help to you. Read on to find out how to build a carport yourself! We wish you lots of fun and success!

Build a carport yourself: What are the advantages?

Carport building itself is, as I said, a demanding task, but the benefits of it are clear – if

The first important question when building a carport is whether you need a building permit. This is actually a federal state thing – in Hesse, for example, you can also build without permission, but only if the carport is not larger than 50m 2 , while in Thuringia a size of 40m 2 and height up to 3m are permit-free. For this reason, you should consult the relevant building authority and, if you need a permit, prepare the necessary documents. After you have already done the bureaucratic affairs, you can devote yourself to planning. The best thing to do when building a carport yourself is that you can design it according to your own personal preferences, so that it matches perfectly with the façade of the house. Planning is not too complicated a task – Netz can find sketches and construction projects that you can use as a model. The most important thing is actually that you put the posts that would carry the roof as solid as possible in the ground (for example, with concrete) so that you survive every storm. If your carport becomes shaky and damages other buildings or third parties, you must be responsible.

Build carport yourself – substructure and roof

When it comes to choice of materials – usually the substructure of the carport is made of wood or metal (mostly aluminum), and the roof – of transparent panels. Decide on the variant that best suits the façade of your house. Do not forget that the wood needs regular brushing, and the metal construction – occasional reining with special anti-corrosion agents. An aluminum carport could also be colored using special powder coatings. The quality of the roof plays a decisive role in the whole construction. As already mentioned, it could be made of panels, but also of many other materials – PVC, glass, wood, aluminum. Particularly high quality are actually the double-wall sheets made of polycarbonate. These lightweight panels are shock and impact resistant, UV resistant, and are a great alternative to the modern glass roof. If you like the modern look, you can experiment with the roof form – a round roof, pitched roof, hipped roof or green roof (depending on your needs) House facade) would look really chic! However, it is very important that your roof has a good drainage system and is equipped with enough gutters, slopes and processes. Your carport could be both freestanding and leaned against the wall of the house. The site also offers a detailed instructions that may help you.

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