Summer is the time of convivial barbecues with family and friends, so in this article we will show you how to build a barbecue yourself. Our instructions are relatively easy to imitate, the masonry, stainless and low maintenance brick barbecue is well worth the effort! The construction is particularly stable and can only be built for a weekend. Follow our instructions!

Grill yourself – necessary materials

If you want to build a barbecue yourself, you need the following materials:

  • between 100 and 200 bricks (depending on the desired size of the grill)
  • 30 kg of cement (for 100 bricks)
  • matching fire bowl and grill grate
  • 4 wooden boards (5.1 × 25.4cm)
  • 12 wooden posts (5.1x10cm)
  • a steel grid
  • Grill, grill and drip tray

It is advisable to buy the grill and accessories firstly, to measure them exactly, and to coordinate the dimensions with the blueprint, so there are no nasty surprises. If you wish, you can also build a storage area for the finished barbecue from brick – but it is also possible to put a small table next to it.

Build a barbecue yourself: choose the right location

First, you should choose a suitable place for the barbecue – there must be no flammable materials in its vicinity. Inform yourself about the weather in the next few days – if it is dry and warm, the construction would dry out as quickly as possible. Think again about the size you want for the barbecue – it depends on how many guests you usually invite and how big your family is.

Build a frame for the concrete foundation

Begin building by laying a solid concrete foundation – if you want to position the grill on your patio, this step may be unnecessary. In this case, the finished barbecue would also have a roof. But if you have found a better place for it in the garden, you should do the following: make a rectangular frame out of the wooden boards, and fix it in the ground with wooden posts. Then add the steel meshes you cut in appropriate size. This is necessary for the concrete not to break in frosty weather and also gives the foundation additional stability.

Cast the foundation

Next, the concrete is being prepared. Stir 1 part of cement with 3 parts of sand and 1 part of water until the mixture becomes smooth and thick. First put a little bit of concrete in the frame and smooth it with a straight board. Repeat until the entire frame is filled up and allow the foundation to dry completely for at least 48 hours.

The brick walls

When the foundation is finished, all you have to do is to wall the bricks and build the grill in this way. Start with the walls by leaving a distance of 0.6 cm between each tile. Most importantly, the walls get straight – check after every single row. Before you reach the top you have to leave special niches for the grill and drip tray at the same height in the side walls. Alternatively, some bricks can be walled along so that they protrude. After the last niche, two or three brick rows are to be built. But to keep the smoke from bleeding and the sidewalls not turning black over time, you should not make them too high. When you are done with the construction, you can decorate the whole construction, or just the foundation with natural stone – it is a matter of taste. Alternatively, you could glue any stone slabs onto the brick makers – so you would close the joints between the individual bricks, get both a smooth surface, and serve as a shelf for ingredients and cutlery.

Mount the grill

Finally, mount the grill, grill grate and drip tray, and you’re done! Now you can start grilling! Another simple construction guide for barbecue, can be found here” .>

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