Are you looking for the best way to please your children? All kids like to play outside, but the cool winter is here. Our creative idea, which we present today, will help you. Create your own playground for the kids in the form of a teepee tent. Our Sewing ideas for beginners are particularly well suited to all fans of sewing and crafts. We have summarized a simple and detailed guide to teepee tent and hope it is helpful. So, roll up your sleeves and create a real masterpiece that will bring joy and fun to your children.

What kind of play corner will my child really enjoy?

The children’s tents are the current hit when we talk about toys, and also one of the beautiful simple sewing ideas for beginners. A teepee tent looks super cute and cuddly. It is the best playground where children can play quietly, watch or read children’s books with colorful pictures. In shops, there are a great variety of variants – colors, patterns, sizes, fabrics, etc. Why buy the tipi tent and only assemble it, if you can enjoy crafting and sewing a tent? And think about the big surprise you give to your children. Just fulfill this childlike dream with our guide!

Simple sewing ideas for beginners – teepee tent for the little one

Sewing a tent yourself may sound unthinkable, but it’s easier than it looks. Make sure that the task is time consuming. You should also stroll through some shops and get the necessary materials. If you do not have the spare time, you can also order the ingredients online.

Shopping list for sewing a children’s tent:

  • 4 or 5 wooden rods with a height of 1.80 cm
  • 3/8 “hemp yarn
  • 3 m cotton fabric in a pattern and color
  • 0.5 m cotton fabric in a different pattern (make sure that a stylish harmony arises)
  • Bormachine
  • Screwdrivers
  • screw
  • scissors
  • Nähutensilien Set
  • Sewing machine (not necessary)
  • cuddly carpet with size of 3 square meters
  • 6 pillows
  • Lantern

Sewing ideas for beginners with instructions

Step 1:

First, the round bars are pierced with the Bormaschine. The hole should have a diameter of about 5 cm. be. Pull the yarn through the holes and tie the end firmly.

Step 2:

Cross the bars with the yarn to create a solid skeleton of your tent.

Step 3:

Now comes the time for sewing, first you should do the measurements. They should be the following:

  • Between the sticks – 63 cm
  • Between the chopsticks, where the entrance should be – 80 cm
  • From floor to syringe – 1.50 cm

With these measurements, you can go on to divorce. Divide the fabric in the form of some triangles. Before you start sewing, place the triangles in the right places and check that everything fits together.

Step 4:

When sewing, decide whether to sew with a needle or a sewing machine. When this decision is made, start sewing the triangles together. Make sure that the parts of the tent do not have to be sutured to the end. The large triangle that serves as the entrance, cut in the middle almost to the top. Sew on the edges of the section with a nice bow or zipper.

Step 5:

If all triangles are sewn together, the measure should be 332 cm. Take the other fabric with different patterns and cut a strip 332 cm x 20 cm. out. Sew it together with the tent blanket. To give your self-stitched teepee tent a colorful look.

Give the tent the finishing touch

Finally, you can start with the decoration. It will be the culmination of your teepee tent. Lay the cuddly carpet on the floor and arrange the small pillows in the tent. Hang the lantern at the top of the tent. To taste, you can also string lights, with which you spice up the ambience properly, hanging on all sides of the children’s tent. And so your tipi tent is born – a real oasis of well-being, where your child will feel happy and free. Many cool sewing ideas for beginners and for tent design you can collect from our gallery.

We hope you enjoy recreating your teepee tent!

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