The wedding is one of the most important and special days in every woman’s life, so she wants everything to be perfect down to the smallest detail – the organization, the flowers, the dress, the hairstyle etc. Of course, the bridal make-up, and for that reason, in this article, we offer you some spectacular ideas and make-up tips that are really easy to come by and look great. The

Choosing the perfect bridal make-up is definitely not an easy task – the possible variations are so much! That’s why, as mentioned earlier, we’ll give you some modern and stunning ideas, as well as helpful tips that would make your choice easier. What should be considered in the first place at the wedding make-up? The most important thing is actually that the bride looks as natural as possible – here is the full force of the golden rule: “The less, the better”. Most of the ideas you find here seem easy to imitate, and it’s true (look at the photos below to see for yourself), and we encourage you to ask for help from a professional makeup artist. On the wedding day, the stress is often too much, so you should rather forego experiments and at least schedule an hour for make-up. And what else is needed for perfect bridal makeup? Read on to find out the answer!

Bride Make up – apply primer

When applying make-up, of course, you start with the primer. This should be high quality and as waterproof as possible, so that the skin looks smooth and even throughout (and also in the photos!). It is advisable to choose a primer that is as close as possible to the natural color of your skin, and make-up in daylight and not artificial lamplight. As a make up preparation, always use a moisturizer. Powder is also a good choice – it prevents unwanted glittering of the face when taking photos. The white dress and bow allow you to apply a little more color when applying lip and eyeshadow. But you should not forget the golden rule for the natural look in any case! Exaggerating with the eye shadow makes the face look older – the same goes for the too dark lipstick, and if you use too bright colors, the make-up seems too artificial.

Bride Make up: Select lipstick and eye shadow colors

The best choice for bridal make-up are actually the pastel shade eyeshadows, which look delicate and subtle – pink, purple, light yellow, as well as golden and earthy tones such as golden brown and silver gray. It is also important to consider your eye color. The dull eyeshadow that matches your hair color would not reflect the flashlight of the camera. And to visually increase the size of your eyes, you could also opt for white eyeshadows. The same effect would be achieved by the Smokey Eyes technique, but you should not use too intense dark shades. When it comes to wedding make-up, the eyeliner is also a classic. To give your look the finishing touch, you should still apply a waterproof mascara. Finished! If you’ve opted for pastel shades, lipstick color may be a bit more intense – choose it based on your personal preferences, while also taking into account your skin color. The waterproof lipstick is also a must. If your wedding dress has a low neckline, you might end up with some rouge or powder on the neck and decoletee to even out the skin tone.

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