Before the most beautiful day in your life, namely your own wedding, the bride must pay attention to many details – clothes, shoes, jewels, hairstyle, not last but also on the bridal bouquet. Bridal bouquets are essential accessories for every wedding. They are given a lot of attention, so you should take enough time for them. For this reason, we have put together for you the most sought after varieties of bridal bouquets!

Bride bouquets mean individuality and originality

Bridal bouquets of all kinds and combinations

Depending on your own taste, you can design creative bridal bouquets. Some prefer roses, others prefer tulips or sunflowers, orchids and much more. It does not matter which flowers the bouquet is made of. It is only important that the bouquet matches the wedding atmosphere and is really suitable for the bride’s outfit. Romantic atmosphere, sea wedding, discreet celebration – everything should fit together and fully match the colors of the wedding, so that you can charm the guests with a magical effect!

Romantic bridal bouquet

Romantic bridal bouquets are the perfect choice for weddings in vintage style: This bridal bouquet in pink, purple or cream with roses or orchids creates a romantic atmosphere among the guests. It fits perfectly with dresses with flowing silhouettes.

Bridal bouquet in blue – fresh and stylish at the same time

Many people only think of classic bridal bouquets in white, pink or cream. Why not something different? Roses in violet and delicate yellow in combination with blue hydrangeas make the bridal bouquet really suitable for dreamy weddings. Perfect accessory for all wedding dresses – whether with delicate lace details or very simple.

Traditional bridal bouquet in white and cream

Roses in cream / white and small white decorations are particularly suitable for a classic outfit and bring style and elegance with it. This bridal bouquet is actually a great idea for weddings in all seasons!

Waterfall – bridal bouquet

Different flowers in the form of waterfall playfully combined together are a nice way to express their creativity and taste for a dreamy wedding. The waterfall – this shape fits perfectly with long dresses with train.

Fairy tale – bridal bouquet with ornament

The delicate combination of white and pink roses or similar discreet flowers with pearls and small stones on them is the most popular combination for a fairytale wedding.

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