Which is the most important accessory of every bride? The bride’s bouquet, of course! Sometimes in the course of all the preparations for the wedding, there is simply no time to think carefully about what kind of bridal bouquet you want. In this respect, our article can help you – here we present you the waterfall bouquet waterfall, which has become increasingly popular with newlyweds and florists lately. And that’s not by chance – these types of bouquets look incredibly stylish and romantic, and can just perfect your bridal look. We hope you draw inspiration from our ideas to make your wedding day memorable! Choose your bridal bouquet waterfall!

Bridal bouquet Waterfall radiates beauty and elegance

The bridal waterfall radiates elegance, beauty and solemnity, and its glorious effluent shape would accentuate your bridal gown. The falling tendrils and flowers are a perfect match for long bridal dresses with or without a train – take a look at our photos to see for yourself! We hope that you will find the” perfect bouquet> for you among our suggestions – you can discuss the idea with your florist, and if you are more creative – why not arrange it yourself? This is actually much easier than it might seem at first glance and would certainly make you enjoy it – below we also give you some ideas for matching flower types. Read on to find out more about the Blumenstrauβform waterfall!

Bridal bouquet Waterfall as an accent in your bridal look

As the name implies, this style of bridal bouquet is tied down with floral wire, making the flowers look like a flowing waterfall. The effect of this is particularly romantic, because each flower comes to its best advantage. Waterfall Bouquets come in different sizes – from about 50cm to floor length. What makes this kind of bouquets so special is the interplay of colors and original shape. The flowers can either be arranged in a clear waterfall shape, loosely bound and slightly “disheveled” – in the second case, you can even get a slightly asymmetrical waterfall shape, which will immediately make the bride’s bouquet an eye-catcher. However, this does not exhaust the creative possibilities of such a bouquet: the flowers can be arranged in lines, in groups or quite chaotically so that the genius looks even more original. You can also choose the positioning of the individual flowers to make your bridal bouquet very individual and unique.

Bridal Bouquet Waterfall: Select flower species

When choosing the flowers for your bridal bouquet, you will remain true to your tastes and personal preferences – in fact, all the flowers can be arranged by the experienced florist or by yourself in a waterfall shape. Classic flowers for a wedding bouquet are the roses in red or crème, the orchids, lilies and peonies, which create a particularly romantic look with their lush buds. In addition to your favorite flowers, you can also choose flower types according to the season, so that your bridal bouquet also corresponds to the season. For spring tulips, hyacinth, gerbera, lily of the valley and narcissus are a good choice. Callas, hydrangeas, carnations, dahlias, and sunflowers bloom in the summer, while at an autumn wedding you can choose for chrysanthemums, ivy, monkshood or gladioli. For the winter wedding, there are also matching flowers after the season – snowdrops, hydrangeas and winter jasmine impress not only with a delicate look, but also with their pleasant scent. With decorative grasses, twigs and succulents the great waterfall effect is created, which will turn the bouquet into a striking detail in your bridal look.

Brautstrauβ Wasserfall: the color combination is also important

Important for the bride and groom waterfall are not only the flowers, but also the color combination. Particularly striking are the contrasting tones of red and white – eg red roses and white lilies, but you can also opt for complementary colors such as yellow and blue, or for flowers in soft pastel tones. Maybe you also chose a specific color scheme for the whole wedding party, and would like to include it in the flower selection? Be inspired by our ideas!

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