Many women worldwide complain about their small and droopy breasts and therefore suffer from low self-esteem. There can be many major reasons for this – aging, pregnancy or drastic weight loss in a relatively short time. Most women think they can only restore their bosoms through surgery. Not correct! We have selected for you important tips for breast lift without surgery, so that you feel well and happy in a healthy and natural way again!

Breast lift without op – natural and healthy at the same time

Breast lift without op through muscle training

Breast lift without surgery is possible in a healthy way! Exercise your chest two to three times a week with eight to fifteen repetitions to three to five passes per exercise. In this way, the pectoral muscles become more active, which consists of a small and large pectoral muscle and is an integral part of the tight outer appearance in the chest area. Pushups, dips, and bench presses are some of the most important exercises you can do to build a tight, healthy bust. Also, a dumbbell workout with various exercises, as well as regular swimming are very good means to keep the cleavage as long as possible and maintain the young look fit.

Choose the right bra for larger breasts

Before you buy a bra, you must first try this and many more and not just think of a certain size. A bra provides support for the breast support by selecting it in the appropriate size and shape. Many women often have the wrong bra size and are not informed about it. Once you have found the perfect bra, it will help you to look better and support your decollete discreetly and naturally. The matching bra prevents further lowering of the bosom.

Massages for firm breasts

Breast lift without surgery is also possible with the help of massages. Massages help the blood circulation and thus help the regeneration of the connective tissue and the skin, whereby the elasticity of the supporting tissue is increased again and the breast is slightly raised. Approximately five minutes a day is good enough. Massage from the bottom to the nipples. Experts have found that two massages a day bring the best results in the morning and in the evening.

Drinking fluids is important

Liquids play a big role in breast lift without surgery. Do not disregard the drinking and the foods, because they strengthen the connective tissue and it will look attractive for a long time in a beautiful and well-groomed décolleté. 2-3 liters a day are mandatory for a firm and healthy skin!


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