Feather” hairstyles> are probably the most popular hairstyling because they look playful, elegant and super feminine, are suitable for different occasions and guarantee your breathtaking look. If you like to braid your hair, you know from experience that most braided hairstyles actually look more complicated than they really are. And of course, if you’re trying out a new twist, it’s important to follow a good braiding pattern – in this post you’ll find some ideas for great braided hairstyles that can be replicated in about 10 minutes. We hope you enjoy our suggestions!

Braided hairstyle instructions – high-set French braid

Our first idea is just perfect for long and medium length hair. Comb your hair backwards and if desired, spray some dry shampoo into the hair roots to make the hairstyle more voluminous. Then you should blow dry the hair and comb very well, so that no remains of dry shampoo remain in the hair. When you are done, take the top part of your hair and divide it into three equal strands. Now you should braid a braid – that’s really easy and you can succeed, even if you’ve never done it before. Begin to braid as normal, then take some hair from the left side and add it to the left strand. Then place these over the middle one. Repeat the same with the right strand – take some hair from the right side and put the strand over the middle one. Braid this way until you reach the bottom – the hair should be completely braided. The end of your French braid is best secured with a thin hair tie in your hair color. Now you can leave the braid like this, or wrap it into a loose bun, which can be fixed with a hair clip, bobby pins or again with a thin hair tie – the second option is just perfect for those hot summer days. To keep the frustration longer, you can still fix them with a little hairspray.

Braiding hairstyles Instructions – conjure up different variants with little manipulation

This hairstyle looks very elegant, even if the bun is slightly higher. In this case you should repeat the above steps, but do not braid the braid to the end. If your hair is about half-plaited, you should just wrap the rest to a loose bun and attach with bobby pins and some hairspray. In this case, the hairstyle looks just as nice, and can be even faster. So that the bun has a nice round shape, you can also use a Duttkissen and simply wrap your hair around it. In that case, of course, the bun would be bigger and could obscure the braid a bit.

Braided hairstyling instructions – stylish hairstyle with ponytail

Another great option would be to make a ponytail instead of a dough. In this case, the plaited above would make this ordinary hairstyle much more interesting. You can take a strand from below, wrap it around the hair tie so it is invisible, and secure it with a bobby pin. To give you an even more original effect, you can also braid this strand – so the hairstyle would look even more elegant! As you may have already convinced, you can use a braided hairstyle with little manipulation to create many different variations to look different and effective every day. The photos above also show some great hairstyles that you can try as you wish – it’s as fast and easy as it looks! And if you liked the braids with French plait described above, you can also watch a video tutorial to get a better visual idea. We hope the article inspired you to try our ideas for yourself!

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