Bracelets have always been a nice accessory. On different occasions, there are several corresponding types of it. Why do they always have to be designer bracelets? It is not necessary that you spend so much money if you can also braid bracelets yourself, using non-toxic materials. We would like to show you this alternative in a few simple steps!

Bracelets braid with a wooden disc

All you need to braid your own bracelets, and interestingly, from a wooden disc, is: 1 wooden disc about 8 cm in diameter and up to 1.5 cm thick, 1 wooden saw, 1 wood drill 6 mm in size, fine sandpaper, Knitted or crochet yarn, but quite thin, about for needle size 3 to 3.5 and in 7 different colors. For decoration eg beads, pendants or metal closures.

Step 1

First of all you should cut 8 equal slits in the wooden disc and each slit must be 2 cm long. In the middle of the disc a hole of 6 mm diameter must be drilled. Then you can take the sanding paper in your hand and sand the disk nice and smooth. The slits also need to be sanded smooth, but so much that the wool could later still clamp well in the slits.

step 2

To braid bracelets, you need 7 rows of yarn of about 30 cm in length. These are finally knotted together. The knotted end is inserted through the hole so that the knot sits just below the hole on the bottom. Each of the rows is placed in one of the slots. However, one slot must remain clear so that you can continue to count three slots from this free slot in a clockwise direction. Pull the thread out there and put it in the slot. Then the whole thing starts with the freed slot from the beginning. Now it would be the pink thread. Each time you put a thread in the slot, you should pull on the accounts quickly and easily. Only because in this way the threads lie smoothly in the slots again. Gradually, on the underside of the disc then slowly a braided cord comes to light.

step 3

When the bracelet has become long enough, pull it out and knot the open end. In principle, you can knot it around your wrist as well. Or you can also get carabiner clamp closures for 4-5 mm thick bands, then the whole thing looks pretty fancy. Of course, you can make even small pendants out of wooden beads or, during braiding, from time to time draw a small bead on one of the threads.

Braided bracelets in different variants

Braiding braids can be really exciting and depending on your own taste you have the opportunity to design different variants. You can wear the self-braided bracelets as well as give away to friends. You would surely be surprised by this creative gift!

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