Boho Style is simply timeless and is one of the major trends in fall and winter fashion for 2017/18. That’s why in this article we’ll give you some helpful tips on how to properly wear the trendy style and how to combine the garments to make you look gorgeous. Let yourself be inspired and get inspiration from our ideas for your own stylish boho look!

Boho Style is back in fashion!

According to experts from the prestigious fashion magazines “Vogue” and “Elle”, you should have at least one garment in your wardrobe this fall and winter in boho style. The hippie look is up to date again and that’s actually no news – the long, flowing evening dresses, original accessories, airy fabrics and eye-catching ethnic prints are just timeless and popular with women of all ages. The boho chic fashion will certainly provide for your good mood and make the cold season a bit more colorful and happy. In addition, the boho style garments are not only really elegant, but also incredibly comfortable, and will make your figure visually slimmer by concealing the problem areas – just perfect for chubby women! The hippie fashion is also very rich in attractive color combinations, which would draw you all eyes on you in a season, for which especially the neutral and dark nuances are typical. Below you can find out more about the trendy style and find out which are the golden rules by which you should combine the garments. Continue reading!

Hippie Style Winter – Inspirational Ideas

Boho Style is originally from the 60s and 70s and is associated with the then youth movements against the war. The young people declared themselves for a peaceful and humane lifestyle and this idea is also illustrated by their clothes. Most of the garments were actually made from compound parts of old clothes – the so-called “patchwork”. The young people also tried to imitate the style of their musical idols and favorite artists. That was actually the birth of boho chic fashion that has so many followers today. Typical for this style are certain pieces of clothing, such as the big cloth huts, which are also called Fedora, the casual velor ankle boots, the short Gipsy leather jackets with fringes, the tight jeans. The hippie fashion could be not only casual, but also really elegant – this is best seen in the long, romantic evening dresses. If you are already fascinated by the boho style, we give you below the golden rules for combining the garments, so you do not commit fashion mistakes!

Hippie look for re-styling

Getting the perfect boho look is actually not as difficult as it may seem at first glance – it just needs to follow a few important rules. Let’s start with the color picker. The hip style is usually vibrant and colorful, but you should not overdo it. It is best to choose 2-3 complementary shades from the same color palette – for example, dark red, brown and golden yellow. Contrasting colors also look very impressive, but you should opt for no more than two tones. The width of the garments also plays a very important role – a wide top should be best combined with a tight bottom – for example, a wide coat with elegant jeans, and vice versa. If you choose a garment with ethnic patterns, you can either put an accent on your outfit, or combine it with matching accessories – for example, a long necklace, original earrings, fedora hat, a soft scarf or small leather bag with fringes , The possibilities are simply unlimited, but with the accessories, the rule also applies – less is more. The photos in this post are excellent examples of successful boho style outfits – take a look at them for inspirational ideas!

Boho Style: romantic dresses

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