Hair is an important beauty attribute that gives you charm and attraction. Beautiful, healthy and shiny hair is particularly appreciated by women, but also by men as an attractive feature. But hair is even more attractive when dyed in the right shade. Hair colors are available to every taste. Whether brown, blond, red or black? You decide. Do you think natural hair colors are off and boring? Then choose the best by bringing color tones into play! Hair colors are not just red, brown or blonde. Just experiment with all of them. Because a hair color is not just a hair color! It underlines your type, in a special way. Every color has its own effect. Do not you mean it? Make all eyes shine? Easy task! Put on colorful colors! Blue? Why not? Blue hair is very much in fashion and appears in very different nuances. Take a look at our cool suggestions!

Blue hair is very trendy!

Who says you can not create an elegant look with the hair color? But! As a color of harmony and infinity, blue could give you a mysterious, provocative or even extravagant look. The blue hair color is suitable for both women and men. No wonder so many celebrities choose “the attractive blue”. Katy Perry, Rita Ora, Demi Lovato, Kylie Jenner, Joe Jonas, etc. are for the “crazy hairstyle” and have dyed their hair blue. But you need some courage before you decide for a trendy blue hair. After all, trend-conscious people wear this not only as fashion but also on their heads. But if you are self – confident and follow the current hairstyling tendencies, then do it!

Blue hair for self-confident women and men!

The most beautiful blue shades include azure, turquoise blue and ice blue. Whether all hair or just strands of blue, light, dark or pastel tones … that’s your own decision. Depending on your wishes, you could also opt for blue ombre hair or blue highlights! Because blue is in. Soft caramel, warm red or bright pink? Say “yes” to hairy color experiments! But pay attention to the matching color to your type!

Blue hair as trend hair colors: set your wild side in scene!

Blue is popular with the stars!

If you want this trendy trend color on your head and want to color your hair blue then check out more ideas for “Hair in Blue” in the gallery below! Let yourself be inspired!

Blue, blue, blue … is in!

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