The hair color Blond is one of the most popular in Europe and North America. They are glamorous, bright and exciting, and give a special charm. You want to dye your hair blond? Or you are looking for the right hairstyle for your natural blond hair? Then you are right here. But you know that blonde hair requires special care. Whether platinum white, ash blond or honey gold – numerous variants are at your disposal. Show off her blonde hair. Whether dyed or not, discover in this post beautiful hairstyle ideas, different styling variants, current trends and important care tips.

What are the trends for blonde hair?

Hair color Blonde is more than just a color. One thing is certain here: it always stands for the feminine. No wonder that more and more women are opting for this hair color. She is also very popular with the stars. Have blond hair shine like gold? So that your blond hair shines healthy, you should naturally maintain it properly:

Wash with special hair products! Shampoos, Conditioner and Co. They provide more shimmer and glamor. Blond shampoos contain color pigments, which lay around the hair fiber until the next wash and let them shine.

Blonde hair…

… how could you resist this seduction?

Say goodbye to the nasty yellow cast in your hair! With a shampoo with silver or violet pigments, you can use regular use to wash out the slight yellowish tint in your hair.

Do not refresh freshly bleached hair!

No use of whitening sprays!

Blond hair is a real eye-catcher!

Choose the right blond shade for the skin tone! Platinum and ash blond are very trendy. However, if you like this hair color, make sure it is suitable for your skin tone. Cool hair colors are especially suitable for women with a light, slightly rose complexion and with blue or green eyes.

Hide gray hair properly! Gray hair looks ugly in this case. Our tip is: “Wear hair with a lot of volume so that you do not see the gray hair immediately”.

Hairstyles for blonde hair in short …

… and long!

Blond hair appears in very different styling variants. Colorful strands in pastel colors, blond with reddish, ombre hair, pixie in platinum blond or a short bob? You decide. Here, however, the rule applies: When choosing the hairstyle hair length and blond tone must match. Take a look at our suggestions!

Blond hair is more than just a hair color!

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