The good friend is one of the most important persons in our lives, to whom we can communicate everything, and who is always there for us in good and bad times. Therefore, the wishes for your birthday should be something very special – a congratulation that looks original and personal, and at the same time clearly shows how much you appreciate their friendship, is perhaps the ideal! It’s not an easy task to come up with this, so in this article we have collected the best birthday wishes for a friend, from which you can draw inspiration! We hope you enjoy our suggestions!

Birthday wishes for girlfriend – inspirational ideas

A year older again? Do not worry, because you are just a great friend who can not touch the years of life. Congratulations!

Now I’m one year older! “, You certainly thought that when you got up this morning. But that’s not true! As your friend, I know that you have the ability to turn back time. No one laughs as happy as you, no one can be so delighted for the little things in life. Believe me, your incredibly positive energy will always keep you young!

What do you wish for your birthday, dear friend? If you ask me, I know exactly what I wish for your birthday. I just want everything to stay as it is and continue to experience so many exuberant and quiet moments of familiarity.

If we had never met, my life would be poorer. Although it is said that you can not miss the people you do not meet – but maybe that would have been different for us both. Anyway, I’m glad that we met each other, and send you all the best birthday wishes!

As a good friend, you have the ability to keep secrets best for yourself! You know, you can always count on me for that. But that you have a birthday today, I had to tell everyone. Will you forgive me? Let yourself be hugged and wish you all the luck of the earth!

The best birthday wishes for girlfriend

My dear best friend, I wish you all the best from my heart happy birthday, health, happiness, money like hay and other beautiful things that start with G!

The nice thing about your birthday, dear friend, is that on such occasions we have a free pass to go crazy! I’m really looking forward to happily celebrating your birthday with you, laughing, dancing and making plans for the near future. You can count on one thing: the twelve months until your next birthday will not be boring!

My dear, good friend, what would I do without you? I almost forgot your birthday because you did not remind me. Now I wish you a very happy new year of life, with interesting encounters, exciting adventures and a lot of fun in everything you are planning!

For my birthday, I wish you sunshine, laughter, health, delicious cakes, many gifts and a happy time with your friends and family.

As a good friend you have become more and more dear to me in the last years, so I congratulate you and hope that we will understand each other so well in the future!

For the birthday and for your new year I wish you all the best, health and happiness! Live your life as you wish it and do not let anyone mess you! You will go on your way and stay true to yourself!

Birthday wishes for girlfriend in verse

You are always there for me,
and for that I love you.
I wish you a wonderful, special day,
Friends forever – that’s what I’m going to tell you.
No matter how old or how young you are,
we keep going through every crap.

Congratulations, I say to you,
I am very happy that I am here today.
We have known each other for a very long time
and we are always ready
always to be there for each other.

Today I think
my darling, only to you.
I wish you at all times:
may God always accompany you.

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