Everything should be organized thoroughly for a birthday party – nothing should be left out of the smallest details. Delicious food, original birthday cake, the party, the guest list and much more. But have you ever thought about placing place cards on the table? Place cards not only show guests the way, but also contribute to a happy atmosphere and beautiful table decoration. Place cards can be worked out in all manner and form, according to your wishes and tastes. You can order these as well as make them yourself. They bring joy and gratitude to your guests for sharing the celebration with you. Therefore, the place cards can even be in the form of small gifts -play or rather lovingly, everything is up to your creativity. Below are some creative ideas for fancy birthday place cards. Get inspiration!

Boats birthday place cards with sail

Birthday place cards in the form of a boat? Why not! They convey a maritime look and bring a happy mood to the party . The small boats you can fold from paper A4 size. From toothpicks and narrow strips of paper you can work out little flags on which you then write down the names of the guests.

Place cards made of fruit

Birthday place cards made of fruit are a fun idea to bite. They also irritate the appetite of your guests and are a reasonably priced decision. For this purpose, you can use different fruits, but first wash them carefully! To write down the first few letters of each guest, you should carefully print in the fruit and that’s all! Simple but still creative!

Place cards on cutlery

These are especially suitable for larger parties with buffet. In a playful and funny way the birthday cards on the cutlery not only show the place, but also the own cutlery of the respective guest. It is quite enough if you write down the first letters of the guests on small labels.

Birthday place cards in the glass

Some ideas are so simple and at the same time full of creativity. Did you ever think of simply inserting the place card into a glass? All you need is a transparent paper to write down or print the names of the guests. This idea also serves as a nice table decoration.

Sweets as place cards

A sweet gift awaits your guests on the table, if you opt for cupcakes with inserted place cards. Just put a cupcake in a small plate and put inside a small leaflet with the names of the guests. Original, lovingly and sweet-sweet – a great decision and a big thank you!

Chocolates packs with names

Small chocolates packs with the names on them are a sweet idea to thank your guests! You can easily order these in the shop.

Still playful suggestions


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