If you like the charm of the concrete and the unique clear wall design, you’re looking for clever alternatives that mimic this charming look. Not everyone has the opportunity to build a new building with the finest concrete. Concrete Cire comes to the rescue – the real competition to concrete!

Beton Cirè – the real concrete look for every room

In modern architecture, not only does the polished design floor prevail, but the seamless concrete look for the wall and concrete floor is increasingly coming to the fore. The alternative that best mimics the charm of concrete is concrete cirè. Translated from French means the term “wax concrete”. It is a fine plaster, which is applied in two operations. The material is natural and waterproof at Versieglung.Beton Cirè experience speak: each processed surface is unique!

Concrete Cire processing

In the bathroom or in the living room, on tiles or concrete Cire worktop design – the material is versatile. And what makes concrete Cirè so attractive? Exactly the processing. Here’s a video tutorial on how to pre-treat which surfaces to make concrete cire work. We recommend that you consult with professionals.

Design a seamless bathroom with Beton Cirè

You do not want moldy joints in the bathroom, but you have not found the solution yet? With Beton Cirè you create a modern overall picture and jointless noble look in your bathroom. The robust surface is perfect not only for concrete look wall, but also for floor in kitchen or living room. This will give your home an industrial look. The classic industrial concrete gray is only a small part of the many colors in which the concrete Ciré can radiate. The material can be adapted to any space and personal needs and preferences. Get inspiration and modern design ideas from our stunning image gallery!

Concrete Cire stairs – uniquely beautiful

Concrete look in the living room – the modern wall design

Concrete Cire countertop for industrial kitchen

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