Floating or wall-mounted bedside tables differ from other types of table in that they occupy no floor space. This allows them to appear easy and to maintain the airy and spacious atmosphere throughout the room. As always, you can try to build the bedside table yourself. In this way you can choose design, shape, size and everything else in accordance with the rest of the interior and taking into account personal needs and preferences.

Bedroom ideas – bedside table

A very simple type of floating bedside tables is designed by designer Brett Bara. Their design is simple, provides storage and enough space for a small lamp and for personal items. To build such a bedside table you need wood, L-clamps, wood glue, small polish nails, a screwdriver, a hammer and a device to fix the piece to the wall, if something special is required. Cut the wood so you get two rectangles and two squares. Attach the brackets to one of the larger pieces. Then glue the side pieces and finally add the last rectangular piece. After the glue has dried, add a few nails to secure the shelf. You can then, if desired, grind and paint the wood or decorate it with upholstery nails or in other ways.

Bedside table – elegant solution

An even simpler floating bedside table can take the form of a shelf similar to the one on urbanacreage . You can do this with a healed cabinet door, if you have it, though any piece of wood would go too. You also need to get sandpaper, wood stain, L-brackets, screws and a drill. Remove the existing stains and apply new stains. Add the L brackets to the bottom of the wood and use screws and anchors, if necessary, to secure it to the wall.

The bedside table featured as a themerry though is not only very simple, but also very practical. It looks very smart, hides the board that was used to attach it to the wall, and has a slot that can be used as a dock for the phone. The charger cable also fits nicely through a small hole. To build a similar bedside table for your own bedroom, you will need two small pine boards, a saw, a bur, wood glue, clamps, a hammer and some nails, sandpaper and screws.

Mini bedside option

Some designs are so simple that they do not need any wood. Such an example can be found on burkatron. This nightstand was made using the pointed clamps, dowels, screws, power drill and book. Choose the position for the bedside table and drill the holes for the brackets. Secure with screws. Open a book and place it on the brackets. The brackets are hidden between the back and the rest of the book. For that you need glue.

After you have decided what kind of bedside table you want in your bedroom, you can also choose the design and all the other little details. If you decide to paint the bedside table, you can try to choose a geometric design like that on paris-lareunion. For this you need tape and different colors. It’s a stylish and graphic design that you can customize in a variety of ways.

It is incredibly easy to build

Here’s a trick for smaller spaces – if you want them to look bigger: the more ground you see, the bigger the room looks. (That’s why designers recommend sofas and chairs with legs that stand out from the floor.) You can apply this principle anywhere – in the bedroom, in the living room or outside. Therefore, you can take your tables off the floor and let them hang from the ceiling instead.
A blanket is, of course, a relative term. Outdoors, you could hang a casual dining table out of a pergola or, for example, a small plant from the branches of a nearby tree. In fact, the “table” part is not even one. Her tabletop could have been a barn door or slab of wood in his past life. Really, all you need to get started are some ropes, some surface and, of course, inspiration.

It can be easily hung on the bed frame

Nice bedside table

Solid wood bedside table to hang on bed frame

Drawer bedside table to hang on bed

Bedside table can be flexibly mounted

Bedside table suitable for wall mounting

How to build yourself a floating bedside table that fits the bedroom:

Only in a few steps is it done:

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