The bed is one of the most important furniture in the establishment. So that our body feels comfortable and our eyes always enjoy something beautiful, we should choose a comfortable and cuddly bed. In addition to comfort and design, we must also think of the size of the bedroom. Of course, each of us dreams of a king bed, but there are small rooms with sloping ceilings or just not so spacious rooms. The decision for the small bedroom is a – bed without headboard. It offers numerous application possibilities that will look cozy and harmonious in the overall picture.

The bed without headboard creates a special atmosphere

A trend in recent years is to put the bed in the middle of the room. Or if it’s a shared room – combine the bedroom and living room. That’s why the bed without headboard becomes a real eye-catcher in modern apartments. If you do not think of the headboard, you do not need to follow the traditional setup, where the bed must necessarily be placed against a wall. It can also be freestanding. But if you prefer the classic bedroom design, you have many options. For example, you can decorate the wall where the bed is located with different panels. A wood panel on the wall or patterned wallpaper will look very comfortable.

Do you know that the beds without a headboard are actually comfortable?

The beds without headboard give the bedroom a simple look and you feel light and delicate, away from the troublesome everyday life. They also suit every interior style. Choose solid wood for the country style and glossy finish for minimalist decor. Recommended for the color scheme in a room with bed without headboard are the light beige or white nuances. These colors, combined with a freestanding bed with lots of pillows look magical and friendly. The design without headboard demands creativity and offers many decorative possibilities.

Even more sleeping comfort with a box spring bed without headboard

The headless bed is a bit lower in most cases. If you do not like this design, we have a solution for you – the box spring bed. What kind of sleep system is that? In this system, the sprung frames are the basis. The most popular variant is a mattress on the box spring and a topper on it. These elements provide a restful sleep, orthopedic and healthy lying. So you have a picture in mind, imagine the beds in high-priced hotel rooms, which are box spring beds.

The bed without headboard is the ideal solution for a bedroom with sloping ceilings

If you have sloping ceilings in the bedroom, you must pay attention to some things when setting up and designing. The low ceiling height offers no possibility for a spacious luxurious bedroom with a high headboard. However, but the room looks very cozy and cuddly under sloping ceilings. The bedroom will look even sweeter and even bigger if you place a low bed without a headboard. You have certainly convinced of the advantages of these beds. The only question left is which design and which colors are the right one. Countless ideas can be found in our picture gallery. Get a piece of inspiration!

Perfect for a country-style bedroom, the simple lounge chairs without headboard made of solid wood

The beds made of solid wood do not look contemporary, especially if you are without a headboard. But they fit perfectly in a bedroom furnished in country style. These loungers have a charming charisma and if you are too low remember the old teenage times. Our choice are the loungers in bright colors, preferably if they are made of beech or oak. Such a bed will be an eyecatcher when placed in the middle of the room.

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