Sun protection is not only in the summer, but also during the winter months not to be underestimated! Sunbeams could be so annoying in the apartment, right? You want to reduce the sun and the glare? But how? Maybe you still do not know if that’s possible! You have been searching for the best sun protection solution for a long time? We can help you! Put on high-quality sun protection films! Which sun protection film is the right one for your apartment? Here are some facts worth knowing to keep in mind to protect windows and doors from the sun. Who says sun shading technology can not be used as a design element in modern architecture? But! Sun protection films could serve as a stylish decoration on the window. Convince yourself!

Sun protection films provide a pleasant indoor climate in your home!

There is a wide range of sun protection products available on the market. In addition to the other types of sun protection such as sunscreen glazing, exterior blinds or awnings sunscreen films represent an innovative alternative. But what is actually a sunscreen?

This is usually understood as meaning a film made of polyethylene terephthalate which is applied to windows. It helps to reduce the light and heat of the sun’s rays. The film filters harmful UV radiation. Depending on the film and the type of installation, the solar heat is reflected and absorbed. The sunscreen is therefore caused by the reflection of the metal coatings of the film and partly by absorption.

Worth knowing at a glance!

What are the characteristics of the Sonnenschitzfolien? Why should you choose one?

It offers you an ideal sun protection. Their innovative metal coating of the film surface reflects the long-wave heat radiation. As a result, they give you a noticeable reduction in heat and effective heat protection. Coated windows can often reduce incident solar radiation by more than 80 percent.

Air conditioning systems are relieved and the costs are lower. The stay in the rooms will be bearable and the need for cooling will be reduced!

No fading of furniture. In addition to the temperature reduction, you also get an optimal UV protection!

Protection against glare in the bedroom. This improves the visibility in the room. Stop the unpleasant situation when warming rays heat up the bed!

Excellent privacy from prying eyes. How your privacy is effectively protected!

Operating and maintenance-free!

Thanks to the scratch-resistant surface, they are insensitive and easy to clean.

These types of window films stay at the window all year round. Unlike the curtains or the blinds, you do not need to open them! Since these films could lead to a higher energy consumption, especially in the cold winter, some critics consider that as a major drawback. But modern sun protection films could also help to save energy in winter.

Sun protection foils for your perfect comfort!

The ideal equipment of windows and doors fails without properly selected sun protection films.

Especially for the hot summer days, we propose you an innovative alternative: transparent sun protection films with nanotechnology. Do without metal foils! Withhold heat and UV light? Yes, it is an easy task. A perfect idea if you live in an apartment with generous glass surfaces. Overheating is over! This type of film combines crystal-clear clarity and effective heat protection in a great way.

When choosing large windows, the focus is on aesthetics and transparency!

Depending on the taste window foils are available for inside or outside. Note that the window films for indoor installation are longer lasting, but unfortunately not usable on all glass types? Besides, they could be made in different shades. What color do you prefer? Bronze, silver or clear transparent? Get your favorite colors on the windows! Do not forget that you could buy this type of window film in specialty stores or online cheap.

Sun protection in every season!

We are happy to help you find a suitable sun protection solution for your windows, conservatory glazing, roof glazing or doors. Take a look at our suggestions!

Inside or outside? Whatever you want!

Disguise the windows properly!

Elegance at the window!

No more hot at home in the summer!

High quality sun protection films as a stylish decoration for windows and doors!

Sun protection as a stylish decoration!

Say goodbye to the sunshine!

What color do you prefer?

The color variety!

To every taste!

High quality sun protection foils for doors!

Decorative elements on the window!

Sun protection should not be underestimated!

Create the highest comfort!

Worth knowing at a glance!

Sunbeams could be so annoying in the apartment!

How do you imagine the perfect sun protection films?

Best comfort!

Easy to clean!

Protection against UV rays!

Sun protection as a design element!

It is worth it!

Sun protection foils in bright silver!

Perfect darkening in the bedroom ensures your night’s sleep!

Inside or outside?

Perfect sun protection!

Suitable for every style of living!

Pink, gray or yellow? You decide!

So many color variants!

Ideal glare protection!

Aesthetics at the window!

Put on sunscreen films!

Stylish deco for windows and doors!

Matted sun protection films!

Combination of design and quality!

Best sun protection solution for you!

The wide range of colors!

What are the properties of the window films?

Which is the best sun protection solution for the windows!

What color do you prefer?

Easy installation!

Best alternative for sun protection in the summer!

Select the appropriate sunscreen!

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