Beauty not only means beautiful hair and hairstyles, but also beautiful nails. Long and healthy nails that are perfectly lacquered, shiny and firm – the dream of many girls around the world. You probably dreamed about it, did not you? Not only for women but the beautiful nails are a neat overall picture, but also for men. Aggressive chemicals, everyday situations such as gardening, as well as the frequent painting could have a negative effect on your nails. Are you looking for the best solution? Then you are right here! Nails healthy and beautiful care? If you want nice and healthy nails, you should not go to the nail salon. We’ll give you some helpful tips for getting your nails into action. With simple tricks you could do it yourself at home. There are great ideas on how to properly paint your fingernails and toenails. Because the matching

…but how?

Problems such as creases and discoloration could be easily solved with our care tips! What tips and tricks do we mean?

Use hand cream! After washing your hands, cream your nails next to your hands. Extremely dry hands and nails? Care in this case is a must: once a week remove dead skin cells with a scrub, apply olive oil, pull wool gloves over it and let it work overnight.

Beautiful nails need proper care!

Use hand cream regularly!

Healthy eating! Nuts, mushrooms, fish and dairy products, as well as fruits and vegetables take care of the nails. Trace elements such as zinc and selenium support hair and nails and help to strengthen them.

Filing right! Snipping and filing at your whim on your nails is a serious mistake many girls make. No metal files! The roughened surface of the glass files will get your nails into shape. Be sure to always concentrate in one direction!

Beautiful nails let you look neat!

Filing right!

The agony of choice! Know that chemicals attack not only the paint, but also your beautiful nail and cuticle by drying them out. The solution is: “Choose a good nail polish remover that is free of acetone!”

Massage the cuticle! Massage promotes the growth of your nails. Coconut oil is perfect. The oil evenly on the fingertips and then rub in the nails and cuticles!

For shiny nails, it must paint properly!

When it comes to the right painting, the question comes: “When should you paint the nails?” Here is the rule: “Do not paint nails directly after showering!” It is also about removing the nail polish properly. To do this, use a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover. Then press it for about 8 seconds on the paint! Then wipe from the nail bed to the nail tip! Under and over are a must here. The base coat protects the nail plate against possible discoloration, while the top coat shines your nails and ensures its longer life.

Effective nail polish design beautifies your nails …

… and puts them perfectly in scene!

Bring colors into play! Nail polish colors will care for your beautiful nails! If you want longer and bigger nails, then opt for pastel colors and nude tones! Avoid dark colors as they tend to reduce the size of your nails. For beautiful and fancy nails you also need beautiful nail designs. Do not you mean it? Nail polish could pull all eyes to your nails. Because your nails are the first thing anyone looks for when he shakes your hand! In addition to monochrome nail designs, there are a variety of variations available to beautify your nails: from the classic French Nails to lovingly decorated nails with beautiful floral designs or funny characters.

With nail polish great nails!

… and all eyes on the nails pull!

Create a perfect manicure? Discover more beautiful nail polish designs in the gallery below! Let yourself be inspired!

Bring your nails back to shine!

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